Georgetown lets us down gently, tells us to get on waitlist an hour ago

Georgetown just sent out their dream-crushing e-mail to lottery losers:

Thank you for registering for the lottery to attend President Obama’s speech in Gaston Hall on Tuesday, April 14. Unfortunately your name was not selected for a ticket to attended in person. A limited number of wait-list tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis at 9pm night on the first floor of Healy Hall. Individuals will need to present a valid GO Card to be placed on the wait list.

Nice of them to give us a heads up on the 9pm wait list… in an email that was sent out at 9:49.

So, what’s an Obama-reject to do Tuesday morning? According to the email, the event will be broadcast on channel 3 at viewing spaces around campus, such as Sellinger and Lauinger. Or, you can watch a live webcast of it at

If activism’s more your style, you can join the pro-lifers who’ve promised to picket against Georgetown inviting the pro-choice Prez, or you can attend the “Support Choice” counter-protest.

6 Comments on “Georgetown lets us down gently, tells us to get on waitlist an hour ago

  1. I must say, I was pretty pissed about the “9pm waitlist,” since my own e-mail didn’t show up until 10:10.

  2. yeah, i only found out at 10:00 via a friend’s facebook status. luckily, i ran to get a wristband, but not very good execution on georgetown’s part.

  3. I didn’t get the e-mail until 10:18. I was at Healy literally within two minutes, but by the time I arrived, they told me and a few others walking in that the waitlist was closed. Judging by how empty it was, I guessed it had been for some time. Not a very fair process it seems, since it seems the e-mails propagate at different times for different students, but I suppose having everything get through at once, and just reward whoever is the closest/whoever runs the fastest/whoever has their laptop open isn’t the best way to decide either.

  4. I just love how Georgetown sent an email that said, “How to watch Obama speech if you didn’t get in” that basically said, “I don’t know, MSNBC or whatever.”

  5. according to some of my friends who got to go, there were students there from howard, gw, and american. (and a few georgetown students who got there without the lottery)

    why did georgetown let students from OTHER schools in before their own school? if this is true, it’s b.s.

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