Pro-life activists to protest “Treacherous,” Obama-hosting Georgetown

You’d think that with the split-second notification Georgetown gave about President Obama’s speech, we would’ve been able to escape the wrath that militantly pro-life Catholics have heaped on Notre Dame for inviting him to be their commencement speaker. No such luck.

According to the Christian News Wire, D.C.-area pro-life activists will be protesting at the front gates tomorrow to “denounce Georgetown, who invited President Obama to speak, knowing the scandal and outrage surrounding his scheduled speech at Notre Dame on May 17.”

The announcement goes on to equate Obama’s women’s rights policies to Nazi Germany and say, “this sudden invite is as wicked as it is sneaky.”

Director of Media Relations Andy Pino, however, has a more benign explanation for the suddenness of the invitation. Pino wrote in an e-mail:

As with many high profile events that take place on campus, the details of the event came together over a short period of time. The announcement went out to the community as soon as logistics were confirmed.

25 Comments on “Pro-life activists to protest “Treacherous,” Obama-hosting Georgetown

  1. Can we please organize a counter-protest to this bullshit?

  2. I’m going to the College Democrats meeting tonight to try to round people together. The email I received back from the Dems events director basically said, “we don’t have enough time to do anything, and I’ll be inside watching Obama, so I’ll ask if someone wants to lead one.”

    I’m going to make sure there is some kind of progressive presence at that protest, though. I’ll post back here when there’s more information.

  3. Hey, they’re entitled to their opinion. While the nazi comparison may be out of line, it seems rather extreme to label the peaceful protesters “militant”, or a demonstration as “wrath.” I’d question whether any of those labels would be accurate describing the reaction to Notre Dame, let alone equating such labels to a small gathering outside the front gates.

  4. Given the stage blood they intend on using, “militant” might be appropriate. Either way, you are right, they are entitled to their opinions. And we are entitled to counter protest.

  5. i don’t care who’s protesting or not at this point … i got a waitlist wristband and i plan to be the first person in the waitlist line if i have to bust out my pirate skills!

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  8. @Mara: calling fake blood militant is like calling a picture of a big mac fattening. Sure there’s plenty of symbolism involved, but the “militant” moniker makes the protesters seem violent and aggressive, something we have no basis for yet. I’m not in any way objecting to the counter-protest, but the label “militant” seems to go too far, and is an unfair descriptor of what seems, at least right now, to be entirely peaceful behavior.

  9. Fair point on the use of the word “militantly.” Something like “hard-core” or “stridently” would have been a better choice. I’d say comparing someone to Hitler counts as “wrath” in my book, though.

  10. Okay, fair enough rebuttal. I’ll give you that one. Not militant…but it’s still creepy. Probably what they were going for, actually.

  11. I’d say that’s reasonable on the wrath point Julianna, and agree with you Mara. Glad to come to a consensus.

  12. Why did you all choose to attend a Catholic University if you do not embrace the Catholic Faith or care to allow those who embrace the Faith to voice their opposition to a man who CLEARLY opposes Catholic teaching? The Catholics have every right to protest this because, they are defending their Church teaching. Unfortunately, in our incredibly biased country that would cringe at Muslims being treated this way, Cahtolics are permitted to be bashed constantly. It’s about time ALL Catholics stand up for the Faith and stop allowing the bashing to occur! If you do not like the Catholic Faith, and I mean the REAL Faith and ALL the teachings that go with it, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! If a University wants to call itself Catholic, it should BE CATHOLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Christy, if you wanted to ram dogma down other people’s throats, why didn’t you choose to go to Notre Dame?

  14. Dialogue is difficult when the two sides do not have mutual respect. As an outside observer, I would venture a guess that the pro-choice voices present here would be more likely to be willing to go and listen to the views of the “angries.”

    Instead of counter-protesting, go down there, suspend (and I mean truly suspend) your opinions, and engage the protestors. Ask them for details, bring a notebook, and write what they say down. Ask them for facts. Ask them to compare abortion to in vitro fertilization and capital punishment. Don’t be patronizing, really listen.

    There is really quite a small community that mobilizes for these pro-life events, and if you take the time to engage them, maybe you can start the conversation. It may take months, but there could be a Phd in there for you.

    Protesting and counter-protesting is counter productive. Force calm discussion. That will make them feel better. If they challenge you on your core beliefs, just tell them you’re willing to listen.

  15. Terry – it worked! I had a nice conversation, very eye opening.

  16. Terry- we were not counter protesting to engage in debate. We’re counter protesting to inform the general public that there is another side to this discussion, and that we’re not Nazis (which is what they compared us to) when we stand on the sidewalk and present that opinion.

    Because we obviously can’t and shouldn’t be able to stop them from protesting, we have to balance that somehow. It’s not counter productive to present an idea in this way. It’s encouraging. I know that because of the positive response we received on campus today.

    I’m not interested in a PhD right now. I’m interested in presenting the other side. I DO want discussion. This was clearly not the forum for that.

  17. Christy- a counter protest isn’t a protest against the protesters. it’s a protest against their message. they’re allowed to protest. we’re not saying they can’t. We were just presenting another side. There was no Catholic bashing involved. I obviously have a lot of respect for Catholics and the Catholic Church – if I didn’t, I could not attend Georgetown.

  18. Mara
    If you oppose their message then you oppose the teaching of the Catholic church which, in essence, is opposing the Catholic church. Throughout history there have been many hideous things that have been legal. Legality doesn’t make them any less hideous or wrong.

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  20. Kathy,
    Sorry, but opposing ONE teaching of the Catholic Church is not an outright opposition of some of the Church’s other basic principles. I’m still proud to be a student at a Catholic, Jesuit institution.

  21. If one were to seriously read their history they would see the similarities between the Nazi’s and the culture of death that exists today in the United States. Hitler started slow and tried small atrocities to see how the people would react. There was no outcry from the people and so he continued until 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated. Today in America, we kill the pre-born totalling millions. Tomorrow if we allow the President and Congress to continue to go against the will of the majority we will find the killing by allowing assisted suicide to be legal. The Pro-Life activists have a darn good reason to be doing what they do. How many more deaths do you need to convince you?

  22. My dear Tom, I am not, nor would I ever cram dogma down anyone’s throat. The message I am sending is, if you do not agree with the Catholic Church, do not go to a Catholic University. If a University is going to call itself Catholic, it must hold fast to ALL of the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church always has, is now, and always will be pro-life. This comes directly from Christ’s teachings, on which our Church was founded. It is time for those who are Catholic to BE Catholic and for those who do not wish to be, to find another Church that has their beliefs, rather than trying to cram their PRO-DEATH beliefs down Catholic throats. You see, it does work two ways. All this time, people have been trying to change the Catholic Church to their way of thinking. Thank GOD, Christ promised that the gates of Hell would not previal against the His Church.

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