Overheard at Georgetown: Sex (and more)!


Boy to his friend on a Friday afternoon:
Boy 1: “She was spectacular. I mean she literally made me orgasm.”
Boy 2: “That’s rad, bro.”

Girl to boy, near Village A:
Girl: “Do you know how you caught it?”
(Boy mumbles)
Girl: “Okay, I’m going to have to ask you to get tested again.”

Boy on his cell phone in Red Square: “He definitely looks like he could stick his finger in your ass if he wanted to.”

In Leo’s:
Boy 1: “Hey man, can you get me some pasta?”
Boy 2: “This ain’t UNICEF, bitch!”

One boy to another, at Wisey’s:
Dude, you’re still picking out chips? I’ve seen babies conceived faster than this!

Graphic by Hunter Kaplan.

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