One former member of Georgetown’s ASK program kills another

In late February, a violent and seemingly unprovoked act of violence in Southeast D.C. left a 14-year-old boy dead. An eighteen-year-old boy, who shot him in the back and fled the scene before the 14-year-old bled to death, was known to have a history of gun possession in the weeks leading up to the boys’ murder.

Last semester, both boys were members of the After School Kids program, a program run through Georgetown’s Center for Social Justice which places adjudicated D.C. youth with a group of Georgetown students who mentor them. (Disclosure: I was an ASK tutor for two semesters last year).

An ASK tutor who wished to remain anonymous confirmed that they were in the same tutor group. The tutor did not know whether they had met before they were in the program together but both “seemed fine” with each other during their time in ASK.

Voice News  will take a look at the ASK program next week.

One Comment on “One former member of Georgetown’s ASK program kills another

  1. Do ASK volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement? I was under the belief that juvenile records were confidential?

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