Greetings and salutations from your new Blog Editor!

Juliana Brint

Demonstrating the kind of attention to detail I plan to bring to the blog

Hey everyone! Yesterday former Blog Editor Molly Redden passed the blogging baton off to me, Juliana Brint. I’ll be taking care of Vox this summer and next semester, with former Voice Leisure Editor Jim McGrory helping me out as Assistant Blog Editor.

I started writing for Vox last year, when the dog days of summer led me to ponder deep existential questions like “WTF does the Provost do?” and “Why is the Post being such a dick to college students?” I spent last semester toiling away as News Editor for the print edition, but I did manage to get a little blogging in, uncovering and debunking cat-killing claims and going through the four stages of Obamania (unbridled elation, the inevitable backlash, resigned disappointment, and the warm glow of instant nostalgia).

Jim will be adding a sorely-needed dash of cultural refinement to the blog. In addition to editing the Leisure section this semester, he experimented with the volatile combination of Jim Beam and the Jonas Brothers: 3D and celebrated the Inauguration, punk-rock style.

We’re looking forward to a great semester and hope you guys will keep up the awesome level of commenting and engagement. If you’ve got questions, suggestions or tips, feel free to shoot us an email at!

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