“The Cuddle Peep” diorama the Washington Post wouldn’t run

For the past three years, the Post has run an Easter feature called “Peeps Show,” a Peep diorama contest. The results are as delightful as you’d imagine marshmallow-fluff-bunny dioramas would be—this year’s finalists include “Peeptown Cupcakes,” an even sweeter (as if that were possible) version of everyone’s favorite neighborhood cupcakery, and a Peep tribute to Aretha Franklin’s infamous Inauguration hat.

But we noticed something intriguing in the reader chat with Peep Show judge/organizer, Dan Zak. When asked if there were any entries that were awesome but too controversial to pick as finalists, Zak responded:

Yes. We originally included in the semifinals a great diorama depicting the Georgetown Cuddler (Google it). It was removed at the last minute after editors raised a red flag out of — as Robert Gibbs would say — an “abundance of caution.” We apologized profusely to the dioramist, and she was very understanding.

Curiosity sparked, Vox managed to get a hold of the diorama—entitled “Peeping leads to cuddling”—courtesy of its creator, Annette Lee.

Diorama, complete with hoodie-bedecked Cuddler-Peep, after the jump (with the reminder that—cute nickname aside—the Cuddler is a serious criminal, sexual assault is awful and we hope DPS and MPD get their act together and catch the creep ASAP)…


Here’s the caption Lee sent along with the diorama:

The Georgetown Cuddler is undoubtedly a pervert who’s been plaguing the Georgetown community for the better part of a year. However, the nature of his crime and nickname lead one to think of a criminal who’s crimes are more … adorable than felonious. Because of this, the Peep version seems appropriate because despite his sweet exterior, our Cuddle Peep is a menacing figure in the dark.

8 Comments on ““The Cuddle Peep” diorama the Washington Post wouldn’t run

  1. OMG. That is *awesome.* I love the level of detail. And the mini Twilight poster!

  2. Looks like Juliana’s off to a running start here as Blog Editor. Nice job!

  3. When DPS gets their act together? People living off campus come home drunk in the middle of the night, leave their door unlocked despite repeatedly being told and hearing they should lock their doors, and this guy, who is obviously paying attention and looking for vulnerable people, easily wanders into their house, and that’s DPS’ fault. It sucks that this guy is out there and it sucks that women are frightened by it. But, it’s not DPS’ fault and there should not be an expectation that DPS can catch a criminal such as this one. Expecting DPS to catch the graffiti vandal is fair. It’s on campus. Oh…right….they DID catch him.

  4. Steve: There have been a couple incidents on campus—one in Village A and the DPS log shows an April 5 incident in Copley that looks like an attempted attack (although the second one has not been confirmed)—but you’re right, the onus is more on MPD than DPS. Still, DPS could be doing more in terms of securing dorms and updating students if the crimes they classify as burglaries are reclassified as sexual assaults. It’s great DPS took care of the statues, but I think they could stand to focus a bit more on students.

  5. Ohhhh noooooo! I can’t believe how long the Cuddler’s been on Twitter.

    Although giving the Cuddler his Twitter picture was evil, Juliana, what a scoop this was.

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