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  1. Love the liveblogging. This is actual journalism. Thank you Gtown Voice!

  2. I’m having a major issue with that notion of changing admissions processes, etc. (High SAT but no common sense?)
    I”m all for more campus respect and diversity, but what, we’re going to cherry pick individuals? How? Admissions takes forever as is, you can’t simply go around and do those interviews in a specific way and figure out a person’s biases and beliefs in a 20-30 minute conversation (if that – mine was just 10). It’s ridiculous, and I’m sorry that we have assholes here, but it’s not as if they are defined because they are legacies or from a specific region or class bracket. It’s just that they are assholes. So you hope they get a reality check. Some don’t. Some do. But to say that legacies are the problem is just as narrowminded as the people perpetuating the racism and lack of understanding.

    It’s not Georgetown’s fault that people are idiots. The university can do things to make it better, but DeGioia made a point – you can’t force people to do things after a point. That would just give more ammo to people that expect Georgetown to indoctrinate into a faith or spit out a specific type of student only, and the University definitely doesn’t want to do that.

    And given that only 100 attended…well…that just goes to show that not enough of campus may believe this to be an issue they think the university can do something about in a truly proactive manner from simple townhalls. If people won’t get involved, nothing will change, and yeah, better NSO and more cultural understanding will help. Still, I feel that stuff like this only will serve to make SCUnity feel even more privileged and empowered, and I don’t think I can deal with more egos here than I already do.

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