Insane Dupont GUTS route tested again this weekend

We know.  It’s INSANE.

A few weeks ago, Voice News explained that the GUTS buses to and from Dupont were using a new weekend route.  The longest route, currently being tested in the weekends, is over twice the length of the shortest Dupont route. Even after a lobbying effort by the Georgetown University Legislative Advocates, the University has continued testing this new route, as they did this past Saturday.

I was planning to catch the 6:45 Dupont bus back to Georgetown on Saturday, and I arrived at the stop at 6:40. By 7:00, I was considering taking a cab, until the bus rolled in at 7:02. I quickly realized that the driver was taking the long way home after we rounded Washington Circle and merged onto Whitehurst Freeway. At 7:20, we made it below the Canal Rd. entrance where three loud bus riders demanded to be let off. The drive motioned that there was nothing he could, and although I didn’t look at my watch, I would venture that we made it back to the front of Darnall at about 7:30.

Vox‘s previous calls to action haven’t done much good, apparently, but it’s important that students (and any of the many other members of the University community who rely on the GUTS bus) make their concerns known to the Office of Transportation Management—send your angry emails to

7 Comments on “Insane Dupont GUTS route tested again this weekend

  1. It takes no more than 20 minutes to walk from dupont to campus. I suggest the Voice run a Leisure Ledger of a walking tour of Q street so the trip can be that much more enjoyable

  2. Can someone from the Voice liveblog a GUTS ride on a day when they’re testing the new route? I’ll lend you my Air Card.

  3. Chester Westerfield,

    I suggest you stop calling the Voice office at all hours. We have the truth to disseminate here. Stop distracting us from our mission.

    PS: The correct spelling of the satirical phenomenon to which you refer is Lezhur Ledger.

    As Stephen T. Colbert, DFA would say, I accept your apology.

  4. yeah, and the trip on foot takes exactly 30 minutes if you walk briskly. You can get there in about 5 with LA Gears, though.

  5. I took the Dupont GUTS today at high noon, and the trip, via the Wisconsin Ave-Mass Ave route, took exactly 18 minutes. Seems awfully long (though, of course, not as long as the insane Whitehurst route), and it involves passing lots of fragile, wooden-frame Gtown houses.

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