The Corp’s coffee monopoly comes to an end

img_0739Competition!  The free market!  Huzzah!

What was probably most remarkable about the opening of Georgetown University’s Starbucks yesterday, located in the empty halls of the Leavey Center, is how easily college students flock towards dimmed lights and jazz compilations. With decor not unfamiliar to anyone who’s ever stepped into a Starbucks before, the Leavey location offers all your bare essentials: a full menu’s selection of soy and diet friendly drinks, baskets of uniquely ground coffees, slightly stale baked goods, and a staff that has yet to completely learn how to do their jobs. Granted, it was their first day, but training did not seem to be instituted prior to the grand opening, as the barista had to scour through his binder in search of how to make me the perfect ‘Caramel Macchiato’.

But will it undercut the Corp’s well-established campus coffee hegemony? The Corp’s conveniently timed switch to certified Mayorga coffee, in an effort to bring the consumer a better cup of java while still saving the rainforest, may stop students from making the switch. And with Starbucks on such a constricting schedule (Monday – Friday 6:30 am – 5 pm), you’ll undoubtedly still find yourself in Uncommon Grounds, looking for that late night caffeine boost.

12 Comments on “The Corp’s coffee monopoly comes to an end

  1. haha, the starbucks will only be open until 5pm? that’s slightly ridiculous … i’m sure they’ll soon realize that if they really want to take the market away from the Corp (not that i’m endorsing that, but they are an evil corporation, after all), they’ll have to run on a college schedule.

    of course, i’m sure they’ll get more than enough business from the overworked med students.

  2. I don’t agree with the University taking away business from the students, but I doubt this will get as much business as it could. It’s extremely out of the way, and service so far is average at best.

  3. Isn’t the Corp intended to give students real world business experience? If so, the Corp should have competitition, just like in the real world, don’t ya think?

  4. The Corp’s coffee is way way way way better. I just tried a new batch of the mayorga, and seriously it blows starbucks out of the water.

    get ready howard schultz to shut down yet another starbucks location, because this one won’t last on the hilltop

  5. You mean you wish it were. Conditional contrary to fact, BAM.

  6. I wish i understood the English language. Either way, the Mayorga coffee is pretty good. And Starbucks does a good job of being inconsistent, so I don’t see myself spending too much time away from the Corp because of this new option.

  7. Other than the vanilla soy used at Starbucks, there’s definitely no reason to go there over the Corp. I’m pro-competition, and the Corp will get my business. (Do they have vanilla soy?)

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