Corp coffee switch one of the blessings of the free market?

And today the invisible hand of the market will bring you… better coffee!

Faced with stiffer competition (and by stiffer we mean “some”), the Corp recently switched their coffee supplier from JDKA, who they’ve used for over a decade, to Mayorga Coffee Roasters, a Maryland-based company run by a Georgetown grad.

According to Corp CEO Ryan Callahan (SFS ’10), the move is a win-win-win-win: better taste, lower cost (although not for coffee-drinkers: the savings will be spent on philanthropy and offsetting other rising costs to delay price increases on other goods), eco-friendly, and the company will donate 10% to the Fabretto Children’s Foundation.

So how much is this a response to Starbucks? Here’s what Callahan had to say about it:

Ah, yes. The corporate behemoth. I think the switch to Mayorga coffee is well-timed because it gives our customers better reasons to choose Corp coffee – from all accounts I’ve heard, it tastes better than before, and it reflects the sort of corporate social responsibility that you don’t find everywhere. Obviously, we wish that a direct competitor wasn’t allowed to open a store in the same building as ours, but what we have to do now is outcompete Starbucks.

We get a lot of medical students and hospital employees that walk over to Uncommon Grounds, and while we may lose some of that business to Starbucks, we’re going to let our customers vote with their feet and hopefully choose to go to a coffee shop where their money will stay in the Georgetown community. To do that, they need to expect friendly service, quality products, and low prices – and that’s what we intend to provide.

Photo from Flickr user Umair Moshin, used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “Corp coffee switch one of the blessings of the free market?

  1. I have to agree. The new Corp coffee is surprisingly good.

  2. I’m actually more likely to go to UG now. I didn’t like the old coffee but the new is great…or at least the one I had today was. We’ll see tomorrow.

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