We read the Alumni Class Leader applications so you don’t have to

Vote your conscience. Or the way Vox tells you to.

Amidst the dozens of hourly campus-wide emails that we’ve been getting over the last few days, most of the Class of ’09 probably deleted or ignored yesterday’s Vote for Your Alumni Class Leaders! missive. Luckily, we not only tracked down the email, but even read through the applications to figure out who you should vote for.

Without further ado, Vox‘s endorsements for senior class alumni leadership:

Class Chair: Everyone running for this has headed up a stereotypically Georgetown organization (NSO, the Corp, GUGS), but Jake Styacich and Christopher Golski should get your vote because, even if this position isn’t spectacularly demanding, two representatives are probably better than one for liaising with the administration, and they really do tug at the heartstrings with that line about small towns in the Midwest. But what the hell are Sleeveless Saturdays?

Communications Chair: Communication is all about using words, and Elizabeth Arnold manages to use “conversations with Jesuits” and “in the sweet spot” in the same sentence. Vote for her.

Homecoming Chair: With our joke of a football team, Homecoming is pretty much like NSO for drunk people who already know each other, so former Camp NSO Coordinator Stephanie Bean can definitely handle it.

Our recommendations for Fundraising, Community Service and more after the jump!

Fundraising Chair: Chloe Waddington co-chaired the Class of 2009 fund. With her in charge, you’ll be inundated with cash-hungry emails for years to come, but when someone from this year’s class brings in the big bucks, she’ll know how to get some of that for Georgetown. We spend so much time complaining about Georgetown being short on funds that we ought to let someone who actually knows how to make money do this job.

Community Service Chair: Erin Coleman is running unopposed, so…vote for her. Or don’t. She’s got the job.

NYC Events Chair: Native New Yorker Matthew Petrillo bests the Californian competition, mostly because of his ridiculously detailed resume.

DC Events Chair: Corpies are great at, among other things, organizing exclusive parties. Give this one to Adah Berkovich.

Miami Events Chair: Sabrina Scandar and Sartag Narang are running as unopposed co-chairs. And are possibly the only ’09 grads moving to Miami.

Photo from Flickr user TuttleTree, used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “We read the Alumni Class Leader applications so you don’t have to

  1. Or you can vote for some really competent ladies and go for Adah Berkovich and Erin Coleman. Having worked closely with both, I can say they’re both fantastic at what they do.

  2. Sorry, my mistake. I only read the first few and didn’t see that in the extended entry, you have Adah and Erin in here. They’re great, so I agree with you.

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