With Safeway gone, what’s a hungry student to do?


When you’ve gotten over the initial shock of Wisconsin Avenue’s Safeway closing for a year, and made your way through all the extra stock you purchased in the ‘blowout sale’ at the location’s last hurrah, you’ll realize that you need a new grocery store to buy all your nourishing goodness. Well, have no fear, there are a few sample answers for this puzzling conundrum.

If you don’t feel like changing your routine much, Whole Foods at 2323 Wisconsin Ave is very willing to take on some extra clientele. This store sells those fancy, high quality natural and/or organic products, so you know your colon will be happy you made the switch. However, beware: your receipt total rises the healthier things get.

If you feel like dropping a few extra, unneeded dollars into the hands of those thieves’ Dean and Deluca, head down to 3276 M Street and get less than you pay for. Clearly the closest locale for grocery fulfillment, but experience tells me that you might leave empty handed and completely unfulfilled.

My personal favorite Safeway replacement, however, is Trader Joe’s, located at 1101 25th Street. This store offers some great organic products, and much more reasonably priced than Whole Foods or that pocket-emptying Dean & Deluca. This is highly recommended, if for nothing else than to try something a little bit more fresh.

Naturally, I’ve the left the best choice for last. In fact, you don’t have to change your routine at all. Even after the Wisconsin Safeway location is closed, you can place orders on www.safeway.com and they’ll bring it right to your doorstep and with promotion code FREE642 students can receive free delivery on all orders $50 dollars or more. Granted, you may be missing out on the total grocery shopping experience, but after all—the internet is the future!

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  1. Take the circulator to Trader Joe’s. two dollars round trip

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