Concert Calendar: Fall Out Boy, Spoon

Tera Melos moves and grooves.Tera Melos moves and grooves.


Fall Out Boy with Cobra Starship and 50 Cent:
This group of rebels without a cause will be tearing apart Merriweather Post Pavilian on April 25. Fall Out Boy, still touring on their December 2008 release, Folie à Deux, have proved time and again why they’re recognized as pop greats, and the accompaniment is bound to get you dancing. Tickets cost for this venue’s show is $36 for a night of dance danceable goodness.

Bowerbirds: This nu-folk favorite has shown, when touring alongside big names like The Mountain Goats, that they can draw a large crowd and keep them bopping their heads and clapping for as long as they want. Playing at the Rock and Roll Hotel for $10? This is not to be missed.


Spoon: This fountain day celebration at George Washington University is hosting the indie rock favorite: Spoon. Who doesn’t love the band’s 2007 release, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga? However, I bear some bad news and some good news folks – this event ain’t open to the public! The good news, however, is that you can con your friends from GWU into making you their own allowed guest accompaniment to the event.


Westbound Train: This groovy reggae/ska influenced band will pump out some tunes that you can’t help but start dancing too. This evening, you’ll be witness to the band’s new CD release party for their new release Come and Get It. Head to the DC9, and drop $10 for a jam you won’t forget. Be warned: this event is 18+, so prepare to party in an adult atmosphere.

The Twilight Sad: These guys are gloomy. If you can dig the Scottish accent over an Explosions in the Sky crescendo, you’ll find appreciation in this band and their live show. Rock and Roll hotel hosts this show at $10, and if you’re looking for a calming but interesting experience, make sure to head on over.

Tera Melos: For anyone looking to get moving a little more violently, head over to the Black Cat and witness an all-instrumental band with a mosh pit more chaotic than the pile of clothes building up in the corner of your closet. These guys are brilliant musicians, and put on a live show that you can’t miss. A mere $10 will give you a workout that the gym could never offer.

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  1. McGrory, Fall Out Boy is my guilty pleasure. Too bad their fans are too annoying to make going to one of their shows worth it.

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