Georgetown’s Relay for Life results: $375,00 and counting

This year Georgetown’s Relay for Life set an extraordinarily ambitious goal for itself: raise $500,000, despite the awful economy.  So how’d they do last weekend?  Well, not quite 500 grand, but pretty damn good.

So far the event has grossed $375,000, but donations can come in until the end of the fiscal year in August, so Marketing Chair Rachael Kenney (MSB ’11) estimates this year’s event will end up raking in about $390,000

When you add this year’s numbers to the net profits from 2007 and 2008 ($287,000 and $380,000, respectively), you’ll see that this year Georgetown passed the million dollar mark.

While we’ll probably cede the title of Top Grossing event to Virginia Tech, we will probably remain the Top Netting event and Top Online Fundraising event, according to Kenney.

3,800 students participated in Relay this year, an increase of more than 400 from last year, according to logistics chair Spencer Fertig (COL ’11).

The top fundraiser for Georgetown was senior Charlotte Lowrey, who raised over $21,600.  According to Kenney, she’s on-track to be the top-fundraiser in the nation this year.

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