Georgetown hopes to revamp website by next year

The computer the current website was designed on

Been getting that annoying survey pop-up every time you visit the Georgetown website? Thankfully, it’s actually for the greater good. Yes, the University is finally updating their antiquated website!

A brief foray through the internet archives reveals it hasn’t been significantly updated since 2002 (for a little perspective: that’s the year Britney Spears came out with “I’m a Slave 4 U” and the year current freshmen were 12 years-old).

University spokesperson Julie Green-Bataille writes in an email:

Yes we are hoping to redesign Georgetown’s website in the next year. I doubt I need to tell you how out of date it is. The survey you see is one step to start getting feedback from current users on how and why they use the site so that this information can better inform our efforts.


5 Comments on “Georgetown hopes to revamp website by next year

  1. I think admissions needs a website upgrade ASAP. “next year” really means 18 mos., minimum. Maybe people will start applying here?

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  3. I agree, upgrading the admissions website is an immediate imperative. I almost didn’t apply here because the admissions website was so bad…and look where I ended up.

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