Laundry detergent + GW frat = disaster

Warning: Do not mix with GW frat boys

The geniuses at GW’s Pi Kappa Alpha decided it would be fun to lubricate their Slip n’ Slide with laundry detergent this weekend.  Now, generally speaking, detergent and skin don’t mix so well.  Cue stream of GW sorority girls heading to the hospital with skin irritations….

The Hatchet reports:

In an e-mail circulated to 10 sorority presidents on Saturday afternoon, University officials warned sorority presidents that the Kirkland brand laundry detergent used to lubricate a slip ‘n slide at Pi Kappa Alpha’s annual Fireman’s Challenge philanthropy event could cause skin irritation and burns.

Possible symptoms from the laundry detergent could also include shortness of breath, throat closing and severe pain in the genital region, the e-mail said. The e-mail advised the presidents to forward the message on to their sorority sisters.

Ironically enough, the event was a fundraiser for the D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation.  Oh, GW…

Photo from Flickr user herr_hartmann, under a Creative Commons license.

12 Comments on “Laundry detergent + GW frat = disaster

  1. Still raised over $21,000 for the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation, and only 3 girls had to go to the hospital (who are fine now) when hundreds of people went through that slip n’ slide. Obviously not a big deal…

  2. We’re proud to have raised $21,000 dollars for Firefighters in our community who have sacrificed themselves for people like you and me. I’m sorry you couldn’t see the forest for the trees in this case. I really do wish that you and your campus had an active Greek community who could create an event that brings together all types of people for something more meaningful than their own self interest.

  3. Thank you, Hoya Proud!! My thoughts exactly.

  4. Thanks for your good work on behalf of Firefighters, Pi Kappa Alpha! $21,000!!!! You are a successful fraternity and with that comes the negative and unforgiving press that only wants to slam you and not give you any credit for all the positive work you do. Just know that decent people see through it.

  5. Over $21,000 for a great cause, i’d say that is pretty succesfull. Great job boys. No reason to hate on people for making over twenty grand to help out burn victims.

  6. This seems to be a typical case of regarding GW as an intellectually inferior party school, but then again, I could just have an overactive and hyper-sensitive imagination….

  7. $21K! $21K! $21K!

    Kids, in the real world it doesn’t matter whether your event made $500,000 or $500 you still have to deal with the consequences of your screw ups. If my non profit’s big summer fundraiser nets 2 million like it did last year I’m still going to get chewed out by my bosses if cars get broken into or someone goes into diabetic shock like last year.

  8. You people are giving these boys too hard of a time and need to find a more productive use of your own. This is not a whole campus organizing this event, it was ONE Fraternity. We should applaud them for donating so much of their own time and for raising $21K for such a great cause.

    Wake up, grow up, and get over your biases.

  9. Masato,

    I don’t think it was anyone’s intention to give the impression that they think GW is an inferior party school. It’s just news. And, yes, it’s great that the event raised $21k, but it’s also unfortunate that they decided to use laundry detergent, thereby sending a few people to the hospital.

    That’s the long and the short of it. No need to get so defensive.

  10. Why are so many people defending GW or Pika? Vox wasn’t attacking them, it was just pointing out that what happened is kind of funny. Vox makes fun of everyone when they screw up and do something stupid (even if it’s part of doing something good). I think you’re reading way more disdain than Vox meant..

    GW Proud, I agree that GW’s Greek community is a wonderful thing, but you make it sound as if it’s impossible to “create an event that brings together all types of people for something more meaningful than their own self interest” without Greeks. I’m a Georgetown SigEp, as pro-Greek as they come, but that’s just asinine.

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