US News’ grad school rankings put GU Law at 14, MSB at 19, Med Center at 39


U.S. News and World Report just released it’s annual rankings of Graduate programs and it looks like Georgetown’s doing pretty well for itself. From the golden child of GU’s grad programs, Georgetown Law, which ranked 14 (same as last year), to the business school (up three to 19), Georgetown’s pulling a very respectable showing. Even the Medical school, something of a black sheep, managed to inch up one spot to 39.

After the jump, Georgetown’s rankings in every program it was evaluated on (Note: Some fields had sub-rankings. Unfortunately, you had to pay to see past the top 10 or so, and since Vox is (a) broke and (b) unwilling to shill out $14.95 to U.S. News, we’re only listing the rankings that are publicly visible):

Law: 14

  • Clinical Training: 1
  • Environmental Law: 4
  • Tax Law: 2
  • Healthcare Law: 6
  • International Law: 4
  • Part-Time Law: 1
  • Trial Advocacy: 4

Business: 19

Med School: 39 (Research only, Primary Care N/A)

Public Affairs: 14


  • Healthcare Management: 30
  • Nursing: 32
  • Nursing-Anesthesia: 6
  • Nursing-Midwifery: 21

Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Economics: 46
  • History: 36
  • Political Science: 39
  • Psychology: 74

Photo from Flickr user stevemadsen, under a Creative Commons license.

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