2009 Bunn Award winners

This afternoon, your favorite student journalists got dressed up for the Bunn Awards, the annual ceremony in which the University picks the best articles published in campus newspapers over the past year. I’m pleased to report that the Voice bounced back from a humiliating softball defeat yesterday with a very solid Bunn performance, picking up 11 awards and sweeping the reviews and features categories.

Listed below are the winners, all of which are great reads, especially for all of you looking to procrastinate on studying.


  1. Raised in Captivity is mired in the madhouse” by Kathrine Norton (Voice)
  2. Sweet Coraline, 3D never looked so good” by Sara Carothers (Voice)
  3. Just one more night in Bangkok” by Will Sommer (Voice)


  1. Sapp story” by Bailey Heaps (Hoya)
  2. The Hilltop’s other father and son” by Ryan Travers (Hoya)
  3. Nothin’ but Net for Nikita” by Anthony Francavilla (Voice)


  1. (No first place award—unclear why…)
  2. A system worth fighting for” by Jeffrey Long (Hoya)
  3. Chernobyl’s concrete ghost town” by Chelsea Paige (Voice)


  1. Nicole Bush (Voice)
  2. Helen Burton (Voice)
  3. Hansky Santos (Hoya)

Hard News:

  1. DPS fails to report 65 crimes: PSAs never issued to campus community” by Ben Buchanan (Hoya)
  2. Obama ushers in new era of hope” by Anna Salinas (Hoya)
  3. Hot and bothered by Sex Positive week” by Molly Redden (Voice)


  1. The new face of DPS: Jeffrey Van Slyke’s controversial past” by Will Sommer (Voice)
  2. Working for change: Qatar’s silent labor crisis” by Jeff Reger (Voice)
  3. Is the City Paper dying or just growing up?” by Sam Sweeney (Voice)

While on the subject of student journalism awards, congrats to the Hoya‘s former Editor in Chief Andrew Dwulet and current managing editor, Marrissa Amendolia, for making UWire’s Top 100 student journalists! Dwulet was picked for “[putting] his own health on the line to cover an outbreak of contagious disease on campus” and Amendolia was honored for expanding the Guide from 12 pages to 16.

16 Comments on “2009 Bunn Award winners

  1. i’m so proud of all of you! *tear*

    i’ll miss you, voice.

  2. I notice the conspicuous absence of one campus newspaper… for the… every-th time in a row? They still get funding… why?

  3. Actually, 2 newspapers are conspiculously absent, The Fire This Time and the Independent.

  4. the judges read the submissions blindly (meaning they don’t see the author’s name or the paper the article comes from), so don’t suspect any collusion on the part of the university or the judges.

  5. I’m not suggesting collusion. I’m suggesting suckiness.

    The Fire This Time at least serves a niche — coverage and commentary from a unique angle. The Indy has Point-Counterpoints entitled, “God, I hate Techno,” and an article, “<333 I Totes Looooove Hannah Montana!! ; ) <333″ (seriously, go to the website)

    Their news in the 4/26 edition about UMD showing a porn film? Yeah, it’s been around since 4/2 at the least (http://www.thefire.org/index.php/article/10396.html).

    Old news, pointless commentary, no Bunn awards for the third (fourth, fifth?) time in a row.

    I’m sorry, but the fact that they drain off money, especially now that there’s less of it to go around with the HOYA leaving, is unconscionable.

  6. Chelsea, how do you know how the judges evaluate the stories? This has always seemed to be a rather opaque process, so do enlighten me.

  7. It’s just institutional knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation of Voice editors, so I can’t give you an actual source beyond the editors. But that’s always been our understanding.

    It also just makes sense, for the sake of fairness and objectivity.

  8. Oh it makes perfect sense, Chelsea. But I’m not sure it happens. Last year when I won sports the judges comments (they used to read judges comments) were something like, “Ms. Heaps [excuse their gender mistake] blends a mix of blah blah blah,” which led me to believe they at least had my name. So who knows…

  9. It’s possible, though they very well could have just looked up your name after they had already chosen your article.

    Who knows. In any case, it would help if they sent out something about the judging process with the email asking for submissions, so that it’s not just word of mouth. That would also help the editors of papers that haven’t been participating for years (ie The Fire).

  10. Let me clarify, slightly (then I’ll shut up because it’s pretty clear no one outside of the staffs of these papers cares about this minutia): the guidelines require everyone to submit the name of the author, headline, date published, and paper with each submission. it was my understanding that they just conceal this information from the judges, but it could easily be accessible to the judges after the winning articles are chosen.

    and that’s all i know about that.

  11. Three things here, directed at the mysterious Mr. *cough*:

    1) Just because you don’t get our sense of humor doesn’t mean we’re not funny. And really, you thought we were serious with that Hannah Montana headline? It’s supposed to be about a tween phenomenon, and thus it gets a tweeny title. I would’ve thought this was a clear enough link, but I guess not everyone feels that way.

    2) I take your slight against our techno PCP very personally, as I was responsible for the rebuttal to that particular piece. Since when is it wrong to debate things like music in a lighthearted manner? Should university funding only go to super-serious organizations that never ever make any editorial missteps? If that were the case, you might be on shaky ground as well. This article alone still makes me chuckle every few months: http://www.georgetownvoice.com/2007/03/15/meet-joe-hoya/

    3) Sure, our news can sometimes be a little stale, but we choose things to report on that we think will be interesting throughout the month. It’s not like we just spin a wheel every month and report on random story X for funzies.

    Also, let me know when you formulate a definition of what makes our commentary “pointless,” and I’ll let you know why that’s wrong too.

  12. Greg –

    Thanks for your comments. I hope by “you might be on shaky ground as well,” you’re not implying that *cough* is a Voice staffer. While I don’t know *cough*’s identity any better than you do, I can state with a pretty strong sense of certainty that no Voice staffer would anonymously bash the Indy on our blog.

  13. Point taken. My apologies. In the heat of my haste to rebut, I may have been a little inaccurate.

    So, replace “you” with “other campus publications” and I think all will be well. Thanks for the catch.

  14. Not sure why I didn’t realize this at first, but all in all, the biggest loser here? Not the Indy or the Fire. Not even The Hoya.


    Student journalists will be $1,000 richer because of DPS’s alleged ineptitude.

  15. Hey Vox, when are the 2010 Bunn Awards announced?

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