2009 Commencement speakers announced!

commencementChuck Hagel (SFS), Gwen Ifill (COL), Luis Alberto Moreno (MSB), Laurie Garrett (NHS)

The University just released the list of the 2009 Commencement speakers (with a whole 2 weeks to spare!). Here’s who’ll be boring you at graduation:

  • College: Gwen Ifill (Moderator of “Washington Week” and Senior Correspondent for “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer”)
  • SFS: Charles Hagel (Former Senator, soon-to-be Georgetown professor)
  • MSB: Luis Alberto Moreno (President of the Inter-American Development Bank, former Colombian Ambassador to the US)
  • NHS: Laurie Garrett (Author of “The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance” and “Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health”)
  • MSB MBA: Ana Palacio (Former Spanish Foreign Minister)
  • CAS Grad programs: Daniel Kahneman (Nobel laureate in Economics, Princeton Psychology professor)
  • School of Continuing Studies: Freeman Hrabowski III (President of University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
  • GULC: David Vladeck (co-Director of the Institute for Public Representation and Director of the Center on Health Regulation and Governance)
  • General George Casey (Army chief of staff) will speak at ROTC Commissioning Ceremony.

5 Comments on “2009 Commencement speakers announced!

  1. Based on past speakers, it is foolish to expect anyone particularly famous, so viewed with that in mind, this slate actually seems pretty good. I would point out, however, that Luis Moreno has a daughter who is a junior at Georgetown and Chuck Hagel is a ‘distinguished practitioner’ or basically an adjunct. So neither of those are especially impressive ‘gets.’ I will say that the NHS speaker seems oddly prescient.

    GULC usually has someone a bit more high profile. John Roberts a few years ago…

  2. Yeah… Although I don’t think fame equates to quality of speaker, a record of past choices of underwhelming speakers in my book does not mean praise for marginally better ones this year

  3. thank you, chester. your insight is riveting, as always.

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