Harold Brazil found guilty for Georgetown tattoo parlor brawl

picture-2Jinx proof, perhaps, but not Brazil-proof

Back in October, former D.C. Councilmember Harold Brazil was arrested for assault at Jinx Proof Tattoo parlor on M. Street. Today, the judge in his case issued a verdict in the case: guilty. Brazil was issued a 30-day suspended sentence and six months of unsupervised probation, according to City Paper.

But more interesting than the verdict are the details that emerged during the case:

  • In addition to punching an employee of the shop in the back of the head, Brazil also urinated in the shop.
  • According to Brazil’s lawyer, the Brazil was provoked when the shopkeeper yelled, “Fuck you, nigger.” (The shopkeeper, Francis Peyton, said he yelled, “Fuck you, man.”)
  • Brazil’s reaction to the verdict? “Not only can they indict a ham sandwich, they can convict a ham sandwich … If you want to indict somebody, indict this criminal justice system that does this to people.”

For more about the incident, check out City Paper‘s awesome coverage.

Photo from Flickr user T____13.

6 Comments on “Harold Brazil found guilty for Georgetown tattoo parlor brawl

  1. So, um, is Harold Brazil saying that he /is/ a ham sandwhich?

  2. i find it very disturbing that the use of the “N” word fly’s so easily in this case by Brazil AND the media when in fact it was never used, never brought to anyone’s attention on that night in october, never spoken by any of Brazil’s witnesses at any point during any police interview…….to me the real victims in this case were all African Americans in DC and the tattoo shop itself as soon as Brazil lied about being called that word. Harold took the wrong road in this case as he did that October night, and he went down in flames. good. he was guilty, plain and simple.

  3. Well, the N word thing is just Brazil’s word versus the tattoo guy’s. That makes it impossible to say Brazil’s lying about it, but also impossible to be mad at Jinx Proof since we’ll probably never know what really happened.

  4. Brazil must be a Georgetown University Graduate and he learned well while he was there. Like many other Georgetown Students he urinates in public!!!

  5. Brazil did in fact get a LL.M. degree from GU Law. I won’t speculate about what that says about Georgetown students’ urinary habits…

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