The Boob Tube: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Don’t let Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian ruin your wedding.

Welcome back to “The Boob Tube,” a weekly series in which Dan Newman—Voice staff writer and certified television addict—will be recommending the top three TV episodes of the week. Because nothing cures a hangover like some good Hulu.

The Best of the Best:

Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Ring” Chuck prepares for his sister’s wedding and for his long-awaited return to civilian life in the show’s second season finale.
“The Variable” Daniel Faraday reveals what he knows about the Island and sets in motion a series of events in an attempt to alter the past.
“Evasive Actions” ZBZ is having trouble holding onto to some of its new recruits and so Casey must take matters into her own hands, meanwhile Rusty tries to get Dale to leave the apartment.


Chuck: If the Chuck season finale only consisted of Jeffster! performing “Mr. Roboto,” this probably still would’ve been the best episode of the season. Thankfully, that was not the case and there was still a full twenty minutes left in the episode. I think it’s impossible to sum up the sheer awesomeness of this episode, the unveiling of a season’s worth of work and I’m left speechless. The episode ends with a complete game-changer and a Matrix reference that make me wish we could start the third season right now.

In a couple of days, NBC is going to reveal their fall lineup and we’re going to learn whether or not Chuck is going to be back in the fall. After seeing this, I will be heartbroken if it isn’t. When Chevy Chase, after a bad joke, said, “Just think: that terrible pun will be the last thing you ever hear” it was one of the funniest lines of the episode but also made me worry, what if this is the last that we ever hear from Chuck?

Lost: For the 100th episode of the labyrinthine series, we finally began to see what the fifth season is hurtling towards, The Incident. At this point, five seasons in, Lost realizes that they’re not going to be pulling any new blood in and they’re arranging the chess pieces for the 6th and final season.

The episode focused on Daniel Faraday and his attempt to change the past. After spending a season building up the notion that the past is constant and unchanging, Dan had me convinced that the it could be changed in the course of one speech. But as we see in the end, that doesn’t appear to be the case, and we learn that Eloise Hawking is one cold-hearted bitch—she definitely puts to shame all the neglectful fathers on this show. Watching the episode a second time, it takes on a whole new gravity as you see Eloise pushing her son along in life on a path that leads straight to his death at her hands. Now, our only hope is that Jack and Kate can find Jughead and prove Dan right.

Greek: Greek is not a show that receives a lot of critical coverage, the fact that it is on ABC Family certainly doesn’t help matters. But it has emerged as a high-quality show that provides one of the more realistic takes on college-life ever on television. It never reaches the brilliance of a Chuck or Lost, but it doesn’t aspire to. All it wants is for you to care about the characters. And in this they succeed.

After a few off-balance episodes at the beginning of the season, Greek has finally found its footing and is providing a healthy dose of comedy and drama week in, week out. The struggles to keep pledges at ZBZ and Rusty’s complicated relationship with his little brother are finally beginning to pay dividends and are setting up what looks to be a strong back-half of the season. No, it’s not the next Sopranos, but it doesn’t want to be and that’s fine with me.

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