Obamas have date night at Citronelle in Georgetown

Barack and Michelle Obama picked M. Street restaurant Citronelle for their first date of his presidency last night. Citronelle is a high-end French restaurant run by Chef Michel Richard Citronelle which boasts a 8,000 bottle wine cellar the title of 2nd best D.C. restaurant, according to Washingtonian.

Here’s the part of the ridiculously detailed White House pool report:

At 5:53 the president and first lady emerged from the White House. She was wearing a white short-sleeved top that tied in the back, black capri pants and flats …

Pool is holding at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. Unclear where POTUS will be watching the Bulls-Celtics Game 7, but highly unlikely he’s catching the Kentucky Derby while dining …

By the time we came out of the Vietnamese restaurant next door to Citronelle at 7:15, the crowd on M Street was a few hundred in size and behind police tape.

One woman was pacing and shouting into a bullhorn, but it was tough to understand her garbled words. Two phrases your pooler caught: “This is so great that you are here” and “Create fear and terror.” The crowd seemed to be ignoring her.

When service moved one of the motorcade vehicles up, blocking the sightline of crowd, many waiting to catch a glimpse of the president and first lady groaned loudly.

Photo from Forbestraveler.com.

3 Comments on “Obamas have date night at Citronelle in Georgetown

  1. doe Vox really need to become a celebrity column for whenever the Obamas are within a mile of us?

  2. The First Couple looked very nice together. How special that they went to a french restaurant. They looked relaxed. I think the Bulls lost against the Celtics.

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