Twuesday Tweetacular: our favorite philosophers, GW Swine Flu grows on us

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written on desk in lauinger: kant is my homeboy/mill is mine/fuck hobbes. conclusion: gtown = nerdtown (duh)
Julie Alcarez discovered that finals bring out the nerd in all of us.

Time for my roommate to stop dating that girl from GW. I knew they would do something like this to us. Fucking GW.Kinda want swine flu now that it's not deadly. Cool thing to say you've had once this thing blows over. Gonna go lick some GW dorms, brb.
Jack Stuef judged then embraced our Swine Flu-infected GW peers.

IF ITS BEEN THE WEEKEND ALL WEEK, IS THE WEEKEND STILL THE WEEKEND?His Majesty, KingGeorgetown had a “If a tree falls in the forest…” moment about study days.

Georgetown, making Chuck Hagel the SFS's commencement speaker is cheating.
Former Vox editor Molly Redden called the University out on cutting commencement corners.

MAP. The relevance of Pitcarin island to international affairs dumbfounds me.

Adam Giansiracusa questioned the SFS right of passage.

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