Best DPS blotter entry EVER

Hostage to homework

We all joke about living in Lau during finals, but apparently one student took that a little too literally.  Behold, the most amusing DPS blotter of the year, via the Hoya:

Tuesday May 5
Missing Person-Found, 3600 Block of Reservoir Rd. NW, 12:57 p.m.
The complainant filed a missing persons report regarding no contact since 05-01-09 from her roommate. The roommate was located on campus in good health. She had been completing a research paper.

No matter how poorly your finals went, at least you left the library often enough that your roommate didn’t suspect that you disappeared.

2 Comments on “Best DPS blotter entry EVER

  1. Who doesn’t have their roommates phone number? More importantly, who doesn’t CALL their roommate to see where they are if they haven’t seen them in over a week??

  2. Good question, Thomas. Though, my cell gets no reception on the LL and I’ve been known to let it die before. But, an email? IM? Something? Wow.

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