Bye Bye Bernie: Athletic Director moving to University of Delaware

After a mere four years as Georgetown’s Director of Athletics, Bernard Muir will be leaving for a post at the University of Delaware.  Before coming to Georgetown, Muir served as the Deputy Director of Athletics at Notre Dame and as Director of the  Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

So, why he’s he making switch?  Casual Hoya has some theories:

Muir’s seemingly odd move from the Big East to the Colonial Athletic Association has been linked to a variety of factors, ranging from his relationship with Georgetown President Jack DeGoia after interviewing for the same post at both Duke and Northwestern, his tense relationship with John Thompson (II), and simply a desire to go to a school that has a better football program, which is how AD’s really make their mark.

4 Comments on “Bye Bye Bernie: Athletic Director moving to University of Delaware

  1. Not all AD’s make their mark via Football. Tom O’Connor was recently listed as one of the top 10 (if not 5) AD’s and last time I checked GMU does not have a Football program.

    Walking away from a strong and recently revived program like Georgetown is surprising to say the least.

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