Concert Calendar: Dan Deacon, Ben Lee, Her Space Holiday

192401315_lDan Deacon gets down and dirty with the crowd. Bleep.


A slow week for those with the affinity for live music, as it seems there aren’t many artists heading to the district to rock the Hotel, the Black Cat, DC9, or even the 9:30 Club, but take a deeper look and you may find something of interest.

For example, beginning at 9 AM at the 9:30 Club, music fans can drop a mere $5 to witness the festivities of “Bach To Rock,” aptly named as “America’s Music School,” where you can see a bunch of middle schoolers with some musical styles beyond their years. Go see this raw talent before these kids are the next chart toppers.

For those more interested in a seasoned vet, the 9:30 Club has an encore for this Sunday. As the middle schoolers head off to bed for an early rise to school, Dan Deacon and his ensemble will be taking center stage. With the Pitchfork hyped 2009 release Bromst in his new touring repertoire, fans will surely see a great show, as he runs through his electronic and hyperactive set. Tickets are $12 for these bleeps and bloops.

And if you’d rather veer away from the children and the technology, Ben Lee will surely give you the simple show you’re looking for. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel will host Lee’s acoustic jams, where you’ll see him display how he re-birthed Venus with his latest release this past February. This man has seven albums worth of material that is indie-pop spectacular, so hand over your $16 and get jiggy wit it.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel offers a combination of the entire Sunday concert calender in a single swoop. Her Space Holiday brings together the aesthetic of being 12 years old, with some great indie-pop, and some good electronics to make you feel like the spring formal just passed and freshman year of high school is on the horizon. This isn’t a crippling criticism, because for $10, you can return to the glory days where responsibility was not in your vocabulary, and the summer didn’t mean internships and 40 hour work weeks. The youth have it so easy!


Musician Annie Clark, under the stage name of St. Vincent, will help you rekindle your lost faith. Like sainthood, this holy experience brings together the artist’s past with The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ band, and creates some atmospheric indie pop. Her new album, Actor, only breaches the surface of what this woman can do in a live format, and something is to be said about the fact that she crafted the entire thing on Garage Band. This religious experience goes for $15 at the Black Cat; hopefully Luther doesn’t come back from the dead to protest this sale of indulgences.

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