Shot through the heart: Tombs cancels 80s Night

Oh, Tombs, you give love a bad name…

The rumors are true—Tombs will indeed be discontinuing their Wednesday 80s Night. According to the Tombs’ Executive Manager Ken Siegrist, attendance at 80s Night was lower than it had been in past years and, with a crop of freshman who can’t claim to be made in the 80s, they’re going to be introducing a new entertainment night.

Siegrist said that 90s Night has started to take off, but they have not yet determined a replacement theme for 80s Night. They will be having “focus groups” with customers and staff members to work out a good substitute.

2 Comments on “Shot through the heart: Tombs cancels 80s Night

  1. Aw, man — I was ready to channel Billy the Kid and lay down a mean sax solo next fall. :(

  2. I am disheartened that the current Georgetown students couldn’t keep 80s night alive! They lost that loving feeling!

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