Georgetown’s “Year in Review” stats sheet reveals our gluttonous side

Leo's Serving StatsWe’re such fatties…

Georgetown recently posted a “Year in Review: 2008-2009” package. Mostly it’s just a best-of compilation from Blue & Gray, but it’s also got a pretty fascinating By the Numbers page, which includes some random stats about Georgetown, like how many people visited the library, a numerical analysis of the Class of 2009, how many events student groups held, how much the Bookstore sold.

Perhaps the most engrossing (emphasis on “gross”) part of the stats sheet, though, is the list of how much of certain food items were served in Leo’s this year. Here are the stats (represented visually above):

  • 54,400 pounds of chicken fingers
  • 167,960 pounds of deli turkey
  • 136,000 pounds of bananas
  • 29,920 pounds of romaine lettuce
  • 217,600 chicken breasts
  • 176,800 slices of bacon
  • 172, 890 apples
  • 154,600 Red Bliss potatoes
  • 7,854 gallons of ice cream
  • 1,470 gallons of cherry tomatoes

2 Comments on “Georgetown’s “Year in Review” stats sheet reveals our gluttonous side

  1. 66: The age of the oldest student

    Who is this? Do they have a facebook? I saw them at graduation and I had no idea who she was. Did she live on campus? What was her major? I have so many questions!

  2. apparently we had no issues on campus. lol

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