Georgetown’s Teach For America involvement remains high

This year’s Teach for America statistics are in and Georgetown has a predictably strong showing. In addition to making the list of 15 schools where TFA is the number one employer of graduating seniors, we also made the list of 20 schools where more than five percent of the senior class applies for TFA.

According to Thomas Clark, TFA’s Recruitment Director for the D.C. Metro Area, 202 members of the Class of 2009 applied and 47 are joining TFA.  That’s a 20 percent increase in applicants over last year, when 169 seniors applied.

This year saw an 11.6 percent decrease in Georgetown students’ acceptance rate to the program (of the 169 who applied last year, 59 were accepted).  The decrease is probably due to the huge surge of applicants to TFA—the program saw a 43 percent increase in the number of applicants this year.

With an acceptance rate of 23.3 percent, Georgetown’s still doing significantly better than this year’s national average of 11.7 percent.  As of this year, more than 270 Georgetown alumni are currently in or have completed their stint with TFA.

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