D.C. tops American Fitness Index as nation’s Healthiest City

Fun Fact: Everyone in D.C. looks like this

In its annual American Fitness Index the American College of Sports Medicine reported that Washington, D.C is the healthiest city in the United States. The D.C./Alexandria/Arlington area ranked 1st on a list of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan cities, beating out other top contenders like Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland.

The index takes into account a range of health and wellness factors: from fruit and vegetable consumption and exercise to the number of parks and doctors in each city. The Capital area’s full report scored a total of 74.4, buoyed by a physically active population with relatively low levels of obesity (21.5%), diabetes (6.6%) and smoking (13.7%). The District also has a high percentage of parkland to city area (19.4%) and health insurance coverage (89.7%).  According to the report, the major area D.C. could improve on is parkland per capita (whether that be dog parks, playgrounds or golf courses).

On a related note: it looks like Georgetown’s doing its part to contribute to a healthier city, recently winning the gold status designation from the American Heart Association for its GUWellness program.

Photo from Flickr user d_vdm, used under a Creative Commons license.  Via forbes.com

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