Presenting the Vox Campus Crime Map!

View Georgetown Voice Crime Map: April 2009 in a larger map

The April crime map

For our summer project, Vox has decided to start maintaining a campus crime map.  We’ll be using the information from DPS’s digital crime log to create a visualization of campus incidents for each month.  We’ll check the logs daily for updates and, if we do additional reporting on the crime, we’ll include links to our coverage as well.

You can get to the crime map by clicking on its tab in between “Home” and “Links” at the top of the page. On that page you can find small, embedded versions of the maps, as well as links to the larger, more viewer-friendly versions.

Right now, we have complete crime maps from April and May posted.  With the campus virtually uninhabited for a good portion of the month, it’s not suprising that May was a slow month for crime.  The DPS log shows just eight thefts, five incidents of suspicious or mischievous conduct or unlawful entry, two small fires, two incidents of destruction of property and one report of possible drug use for May.

April (shown above), on the other hand, was a much busier month for campus criminals, with DPS reporting 14 incidents of suspicious or mischievous conduct or unlawful entry, 14 cases of destruction of property, 13 thefts, 8 possible or confirmed reports of drug violations (only one of which was from 4/20), 3 cases of harassment, 2 assaults, 2 suspects apprehended and one case of check fraud.

April ended with something of a crime spike, with 23 DPS log entries for the last week of the month—5 more than were reported for the entire month of May.  This uptick may have had something to do with Georgetown Day weekend (April 24—26), which saw crimes like an attempted theft of a cake from Leo’s and someone throwing eggs at Harbin.

3 Comments on “Presenting the Vox Campus Crime Map!

  1. And it is even a color coded map. Spiffy, green=theft, yellow=sexual related crimes, light blue=harassment, and suspicious activity= dark blue. Right?

    Will the Cuddler get his own color?

  2. This is great that you guys have put this together. There is also a website called that has a partnership with the Georgetown University Police. The police send crime data to the website and the website maps all the crime automatically.

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