Georgetown ranks high in graduation rate study, other D.C. schools flounder

Graduation Rates

The American Enterprise Institute just released a study of graduation rates of four-year colleges, “Diplomas and Dropouts: Which Colleges Actually Graduate Their Students (And Which Don’t).” The results, which are based on the percentage of students who graduate within six years, show Georgetown in good standing, but some other D.C. schools struggling.

With a 93 percent graduation rate, Georgetown is in the upper echelon of universities, tied for 16th best overall. As you can see from the graph above, we’ve also got the highest graduation rate of schools in the District by a good 15 percentage points.

Although George Washington University has the second-highest showing in D.C., when the study’s authors subdivided the schools by selectivity, GW wasn’t looking so hot. Among “Most Competitive” schools (colleges that typically admit fewer than one third of applicants and whose students have median SAT scores between 655 and 800), GW’s 78 percent graduation rate was the second worst.

One Comment on “Georgetown ranks high in graduation rate study, other D.C. schools flounder

  1. The reason for the less than stellar numbers at both GW and American is largely the result of transfers, which the study’s authors admit they couldn’t find a way to deal with properly. GW and AU are both schools that a lot of people transfer out of (as is Conn College and some of the other schools that make the “worst” lists). Georgetown loses some people to transfer as well: it’s not that 1 out of every 14 students at Georgetown doesn’t graduate college in 6 years or less, it’s that some of them end up doing it elsewhere.

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