Survey Says: Gay guys get more out of college

There’s a new study out from the University of California at Irvine about sexual orientation and the college experience. The results of the the study, which is based on surveys from more than 40,000 college students, are pretty interesting.

The study showed significant differences between to college experiences of straight, gay and bisexual students. Gay males, for example, had “systematically ‘better’ experiences while in college,” reporting higher GPAs, greater involvement in student organizations, a higher likelihood of being close to a faculty member or administrator and a higher perception of academic work as important than their heterosexual counterparts.

For other sexual minorities besides gay men, the results were more “nuanced.” Bisexual females, for instance, spent less time studying, were less satisfied with their education, perceived their academic work as less important and reported fewer close friends than their straight peers. However, they also spent more time socializing and involved with student organizations and received more financial support from their families.

The study also found that gay students (particularly males), were less likely to have parents who are college educated. Gay students also saw participation in parties as less important than their peers and had higher odds of finding the arts and politics important areas of study.

Via Inside Higher Ed.

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