181 students admitted from Georgetown waitlist this year

Although yield statistics won’t be finalized until August when the new freshmen actually show up on campus and the Office of Admissions was unwilling to give us preliminary numbers about what percentage of applicants sent their commitment checks in, we were able to get some data about the number of students admitted from the waitlist.

According to Valerie Youmans, Assistant to the Dean of Undergraduate Admisions, 181 students were admitted from the waitlist this year. She also said that there are currently 15 more students committed than we have space for (this should level off over the summer as students withdraw their commitments and there will inevitably be some no-shows when school starts she explained).

How does this year’s waitlist admit rate compare to past years? Here are some stats from the last four years:

  • 124 admitted from the waitlist in 2008
  • 47 admitted from the waitlist in 2007
  • 18 admitted from the waitlist in 2006
  • 65 admitted from the waitlist in 2005

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