Concert Calendar: Sunset Rubdown, Clues

898007420_lThese cuties will give you one hell of a Rubdown.


Spencer Krug is one of the ultimate indie musicians, able to put out killer songs with an array of different bands. While his most notable project Wolf Parade isn’t stopping by anytime soon, his glammed-out indie rock unit Sunset Rubdown will surely tide you over. Although most indie musicians have trouble making one band interesting, Krug has no problem churning out great tunes with multiple bands. So head on over to the 9:30 Club with $15 in hand for a rubdown all your own.


Featuring ex-members of Unicorns and Arcade Fire, along with some other big name bands that are supposed to make you interested in investing time in another indie band, Clues does some pretty groovy, funky, indie jams. They’ll be playing with a bunch of other cool bands you’ve never heard of and would probably never hear of otherwise. DC9’s 18 and up show costs 8 bucks in advance, 10 at the door.


Post-hardcore is a weird genre. How can you define something as what came after something else that still exists? Either way, a bunch of these cool, hip-hardcore bands are playing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel for $12 advance, $14 at the door. Drop Dead, Gorgeous brings the groove to the guttural screams, while He is Legend creates some legendary rock ‘n’ roll. Straighten your hair, bring out the straight legged skinny jeans, and let loose for a night.

The Plain White T’s may be incredibly plain, but that song about that “Delilah” girl is undeniably catchy. They’ve got a new CD coming out, so beat the rush to your latest record store and hear these tunes before they blow up on the radio again. “Oh, it’s what you do to me,” you, and your plain white t-shirt. Get them tickets for $18, and go to the 9:30 club so that this band can pay the bills with their guitars, and sing more great tunes about long-distance relationships.


For all those who missed Nightmare of You about a month ago, you’ve got a second chance to spend a chill evening with some scary kids playing relaxing music. $10 advance, $12 at the door will grant you entrance to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel’s jammy and dancy groovefest. Don’t worry, these nightmares won’t keep you up at night… they’re more likely to help you fall asleep and have some zany dreams about about your ex-girlfriend.

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