The Boob Tube: Declare Victory Edition

Wait, you guys are still here?

The Best of the Best

Pushing DaisiesWater and Power” Emerson finally has a chance to see his kidnapped daughter once again, if he can solve a murder.

Burn NoticeQuestion and Answer” A cop begins looking into Michael’s activities in Miami and the team has to recover a kidnapped child.

The Colbert ReportMonday, June 7th, 2009” Stephen has his first show from Camp Victory in Baghdad.


Pushing Daisies: The penultimate episode, like the one that preceded it, focuses on the grand arc of the series more than the murder of the week. It felt like during the commercial breaks the writers were still rushing to wrap up as many loose ends as they possibly could before next week’s series finale. I was just happy to have another 45 minutes in Cour-de-Cours, and will be very sad when I finally have to leave. It just makes me want to go out and purchase The Little Gumshoe to read.

Burn Notice: Another solid episode, the mystery of the week felt a little rote, but there were more than enough bits to make up for it. The introduction of Detective Paxson is setting up what I think is going to be the major conflict of this season. Now that Michael is no longer being protected, his usual fireworks are just going to draw too much attention to his “activities.” And as long as we get more Marilyn and Sam living together, I’ll be happy.

The Colbert Report: Stephen spent the week performing his show from Camp Victory in Baghdad to bring attention to a war that has fallen out of the national spotlight, the same goal he set for himself when guest-editing Newsweek this week. Channeling Bob Hope (with a golf club to boot), Colbert did a series of shows that were among the strongest of he’s ever done. He got some big help from some former presidents and even a cameo from the current one. It’s going to be strange to see Stephen with the shaved head for the next few weeks, but it was certainly worth it.

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