NASCAR driver brings Georgetown/Howard beef to the track

At the Nationwide race a couple weekends ago, Brendan Gaughan (MSB ’97)—who played on the Georgetown basketball team with Allen Iverson and has since become a successful NASCAR driver—got into a crash with Marc Davis, whose car is sponsored by Howard University.

Angry with Davis for causing the crash, Gaughan reverted to schoolyard mode, yelling, “You find me that dumb wannabe college graduate!” After the race, he told a reporter:

Apparently you get a better education at Georgetown than at Howard University … I don’t know if his crew chief’s dumb, he’s dumb, or his spotter is dumb, but in the middle of the race when you end up turning left while people are coming onto pit road for green-flag pit stops is asinine. I mean, maybe he needs to look that word up, I don’t know.

(Emphasis mine.) Making matters more worse, Gaughan’s crew chief was accused of using racial slurs in reference to Davis after the crash, giving the whole Georgetown v. Howard smackdown some nasty racial undertones.

Some NASCAR fans have called Gaughan out for his less than sportsmanlike conduct, but Gaughan said he’s got the support of JT Jr.:

“I spoke to [Thompson] quite a bit this week – I was nervous [that] what I said was embarrassing a little bit, and Coach Thompson reassured me that he felt no embarrassment by it and he understood the context,” Gaughan said. “I felt bad because in many context that could be construed as something that wasn’t polite.

“Coach Thompson reminded me that I would say the same thing about Syracuse University.”

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  2. Yeah good one… he might have been on the practice squad or something, but he wasn’t on the floor with Allen at any point… not only because i watched every game, but how bout the obvious? He’s white!!! I don’t even remember any white players in the John Thompson era.

  3. Where else but Vox would I find this kind of Georgetown coverage!

    Keep it up!

  4. Sorry, Jeff, but you are incorrect. Brendan Gaughan did in fact play, he was number 13. He was also Ivenson’s roommate and is still good friends with Coach Thompson.

    1994-1995 (21-10)
    Coach: John Thompson
    Captain: Don Reid

    3 Allen Iverson ’98 6-0 165 Guard*
    4 John Jacques ’95 6-3 175 Forward*
    10 Eric Myles ’98 5-10 185 Guard
    11 Irvin Church ’95 6-1 185 Guard
    13 Brendan Gaughan ’97 5-9 180 Guard
    22 Boubacar Aw ’98 6-7 195 Forward
    25 Jerry Nichols ’98 6-4 210 Guard/Forward
    30 George Butler ’95 6-2 225 Guard
    32 Kevin Millen ’95 6-6 185 Forward
    42 Jerome Williams ’96 6-9 200 Forward*
    44 Cheikh Dia ’97 6-9 210 Forward/Center
    50 Othella Harrington ’96 6-9 240 Center*
    52 Don Reid ’95 6-8 270 Forward*
    55 Jahidi White ’98 6-9 270 Center


    1995-1996 (29-8)
    Coach: John Thompson
    Captains: Othella Harrington, Jerome Williams

    3 Allen Iverson ’98 6-0 165 Guard*
    4 Joseph Touomou ’99 6-2 195 Guard
    10 Eric Myles ’98 5-10 185 Guard
    11 Daymond Jackson ’99 6-4 195 Guard
    12 Dean Berry ’99 5-10 170 Guard
    13 Brendan Gaughan ’97 5-9 185 Guard
    14 Cheikh Dia ’97 6-9 225 Forward
    22 Boubacar Aw ’98 6-7 220 Forward
    25 Jerry Nichols ’98 6-4 210 Guard/Forward
    32 Godwin Owinje ’97 6-8 205 Forward
    34 James Reed ’97 6-0 190 Guard
    42 Jerome Williams ’96 6-9 205 Forward*
    44 Victor Page ’99 6-3 205 Guard*
    50 Othella Harrington ’96 6-9 240 Center*
    55 Jahidi White ’98 6-9 270 Center*


    1996-1997 (20-10)
    Coach: John Thompson
    Captain: Cheikh Dia

    4 Joseph Touomou ’99 6-2 195 Guard
    11 Daymond Jackson ’99 6-4 200 Guard
    12 Dean Berry ’99 5-10 170 Guard
    13 Brendan Gaughan ’97 5-9 180 Guard
    14 Cheikh Dia ’97 6-9 235 Forward*
    15 Shernard Long ’00 6-3 180 Guard
    22 Boubacar Aw ’98 6-7 225 Forward*
    24 Rhese Gibson ’00 6-7 210 Forward
    25 Jerry Nichols ’98 6-4 210 Guard/Forward
    30 Ed Sheffey ’00 6-0 185 Guard*
    32 Godwin Owinje ’97 6-8 210 Forward
    33 Jahidi White ’98 6-9 290 Center*
    40 Jameel Watkins ’99 6-10 240 Center
    44 Victor Page ’99 6-3 200 Guard*
    50 Shamel Jones ’00 6-8 210 Forward

  5. I don’t think JT Jr.’s seal of approval makes this okay at all. Who is this nascar driver to knock the value of one of the best-known historically black universities, and then not even acknowledge that what he said was ridiculous? No wonder our reputation for douchebaggery proceeds us all over the city.

  6. Yeah, I don’t really understand. Why would someone from Georgetown diss Howard? If he was mad at someone who went to a school we have a rivalry with, like Duke or Syracuse, it would make sense, but this doesn’t. There’s no Georgetown-Howard beef.

  7. To be fair to Brendan, I’d be pretty reasonably upset at someone if they made a stupid move and nearly killed me in a car crash, and I might say things I wouldn’t normally. At least he didn’t go Kramer on the guy, ya know?

  8. “There’s no Georgetown-Howard beef.”

    Ahem. To quote The Voice itself: “Georgetown-Howard relations aren’t always quite as easy as Evans might suspect. Last September the bus-bound connection faced difficulties when a large fight broke out in front of Reiss Science Building between revelers leaving an inter-school party in Henle Village. In an interview with the Voice at the time, Keegan Johnson (COL ‘09) said that he was assaulted near the Reiss building’s steps after leaving a party in Henle 1. When DPS officers attempted to intervene, his assailants turned on the officers, Johnson said.”

    In response to that incident, the Howard newspaper featured the following commentary: ““Should we be penalized for wanting to have a good time when we weren’t in the wrong?” Brittney Quarles (HWD ‘10), who said she was at the party, wrote in a letter to the editor. “And GT [Georgetown], nothing against you guys, but don’t worry, HU [Howard students] will gladly stay on our side of town.””

    Since then, we’ve also had:

    “Arize believes that the attackers were Georgetown students, and the victim, whom he saw after the fight, was a Howard student.”

    As someone who was a member of the football and basketball teams, Gaughan would presumably have been in a better position than most white Georgetown students to know about the lingering resentments between GU and Howard students.

  9. I agree, Mark.

    Brendan is VERY proud of his education at Georgetown. Also, it is very hard to get sponsors in Nascar right now so Brendan was trashing the fact that Howard is sponsoring Marc when Marc does not even know how to drive. He couldn’t even drive in the East Series and never should have moved up. Marc also doesn’t even attend Howard. I would love to see Howard sponsor a driver who actually knows how to drive.

    And, “ummm”, Brendan wasn’t meaning that Coach Thompson’s understanding made anything right, he was just worried that he might have offended him after Marc’s father stepped in and went all crazy on the situation.

  10. This is nonsense… and Brendan Gaughan should have known better. As someone who was at GU while Brendan was there, and who followed the basketball program very closely, Brendan Gaughan was never anything more than a glorified mascot… and by this I’m not trying to demean him, but truth is truth. Gaughan’s father Michael ( is a rich real estated delveloper from Vegas and he has ownership (or at the time had) in several casinos. He was also a good friend of John Thompson, Jr. In fact the two were chummy enough as to cause concern for Thompson’s Jesuit employers… given the gambling spectre hovering over the scene.

    Gaughan was a kicker on the football team and word at the time was that he was messing up in and out of the class room. A call was placed from Vegas and before you know it he was assigned a uniform and a place on the team so that he could better be supervised and kept in line. Believe me when I say there were more deserving rec players at Yates. So much for his athletic career.

    As for this alleged beef… the extent of that was limited to the fact that many HU students didn’t really respect the black students at GU. It’s not that they saw us as “sell outs”, it’s just that they didn’t think our experience could ever be as “authentic” as theirs. The irony of ironies is that GU has a more liberal financial aid policy than HU, and consequently many students like myself who came from poor families couldn’t attend HU, but could afford to attend GU. Georgetown was already my first choice, but as one accepted to both schools, the financial aid offered was the final nail in Howard’s coffin where I was concerned.

    White students at GU barely knew Howard existed and the students at Howard weren’t exactly travelling across the city to mingle with the white kids at GU… so by default if there were any beef at all it would be among the black students at both schools. Gaughan’s potshot at Howard is not only regrettable, it reveals what an immature spoiled kid he continues to be. I have no idea as to whether he got into GU on his own merit… but his dad has been pulling strings for him all his life and I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have played a part, but who knows. Bottom line is that Brendan was more interested in drinking and hanging out while at GU, both before he was put on the team and after… I know b/c I am friends to this day with players and managers from that time. He’s hardly one to be denigrating the education of others. Howard may not be up there with GU and the Ivies, but it’s still a very academically prestigious university and Gaughan would have done well to limit his criticism to Marc Davis and not slander all Howard alumns (many of whom are Presidents, Prime Ministers and other Professionals in foreign countries) with one stroke of the brush.

  11. Brenndan Gaughan did play on the Hoyas team for 4 years. He didn’t get very much time and sat on the bench. His father was friends with John Thompson. Gaughan was not Iverson’s room mate. Iverson’s room mate was first Capt. Dave Reid and then Boubacar Aw. Gaughan was also the punter on the Hoya football team which at the time was a club team.

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