A sneak peak at the new MSB building

Construction is finally done on the MSB building and it’s open for business. So, how does it look? Here are some shots Vox took:

8 Comments on “A sneak peak at the new MSB building

  1. Nice scoop, Vox — I’m looking forward to having more space clubs can’t utilize!

    But seriously, looks pretty cool. Nice cross between the traditional exterior and sleek interior.

  2. There’s no way something this nice is actually on Georgetown’s campus.

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  4. This is not a scoop-The Hoya ran pictures of this building in their paper weeks ago.

  5. Did they? I’d love to check, but unfortunately the Hoya website has been down for a week or two.

  6. And for us alums who are asked to donate, tell us this: is any of our money going to the construction of the science building? Has construction of the science building even started? It is remarkable how much the university fails to update its alums (via the web or anything else) on the progress of this building. I’m convinced that the lack of modern science facilities is the one thing keeping G’town from being considered a terrific school!

  7. re: science building comment.

    ‘da man, as of the 9th, there were bulldozers/tractors working on what appears to be the initial stages of the foundation for the new science building. I am not sure how much progress needs to be made before they setup a webcam to follow construction efforts?

  8. Unfortunately the science building has been put on indefinite hold due to the economic crisis. Georgetown is planning to build it and pay for it / raise money at the same time, so they need credit to finance the actual construction. Unfortunately with the credit crisis, the amount of credit they want at the rate they want to pay for it isn’t available.

    This is as of a couple of months ago, but I haven’t heard anything to make me think that it has changed.

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