After Final Four run, JT III’s salary got a $1.3 million boost

The two million dollar man

How much does a Final Four basketball coach cost? About $2 million, if the coach is John Thompson III.

In the 2007-2008 school year, Thompson made $2,007,508, plus more than $1 million in deferred compensation and benefits, according to university tax documents obtained by Vox.  Thompson’s salary rose by more than $1.3 million from the previous year, making him the highest paid Georgetown employee.

During the 2007-08 year, we also paid $3,074,487 to Payette Associates Inc., a firm whose website says they have been working on the “Science Facilities Master Plan and new Science Center” and $489,234 to Goody Clancy and Associates, the firm that worked on the new MSB building.  Overall, Georgetown’s net assets decreased by $55,772,042.

Who else besides JT III is making bank at Georgetown? Check out the top earners and the full tax document after the jump!

Georgetown’s Highest Paid Employees*

  1. John Thompson III Coach $2,007,508
  2. Howard Federoff – Executive VP, Health Science – $710,000
  3. John Degioia – President – $607,939
  4. James Reardon Anderson – SFS Qatar Dean (former) – $600,453
  5. Lawrence Kochard – Chief Investment Officer – $538,750
  6. Louis M. Weiner – Lombardi Center Director – $500,156
  7. George Daly – Business School Dean – $475,982
  8. Spiros Dimolitsas – Senior Vice President – $430,745
  9. Christopher L. Augostini – Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer – $400,000
  10. Alexander Aleinikoff – Executive Vice President, Law Center – $390,130
  11. James O’Donnell – Provost – $332,500
  12. Edward M. Quinn – Secretary – $214,129

*These rankings aren’t necessarily accurate because the form only reports the salaries of members of the Board of Directors and the top 5 highest paid employees who aren’t on the Board of Directors. There could be people who aren’t on the board but still make more than board members, but their salaries aren’t reported. Likely candidates include other deans and John Thompson Jr.

Georgetown’s 2007-08 990 Form

9 Comments on “After Final Four run, JT III’s salary got a $1.3 million boost

  1. The list is not complete, as the starred portion notes. Not saying that there would necessarily be women included but this list does not mean that there is any bias against women. There are also no Polynesians on the list either, but no one is make loaded comments about that.

  2. A lesson on the 990: The 990 lists ALL officers/directors/trustees/key employees. Since members of the Board of Directors at GU are not compensated by GU, none of them appear on the list. GU doesn’t have trustees, so none on the list from that group either. “Key employees” has an IRS definition that means the person is not a director/trustee/officer, makes over $150k, “had or shared organization-wide control or influence similar to that of an officer, director, or trustee, or managed or had authority or control over at least 10 percent of the organization’s activities,” and is one of the top 20 earners over all That’s a tough test, even for a Dean or VP, so none of them are on this list either.

    As officers of the University, the President, Senior VPs for Finance & Admin, Campus EVP/Provost are all on the list, whether they make $700k (Federoff) or $215k (Quinn). No women appearing on this list means there are no female officers at GU. (There are female deans and VPs to be sure, just none that are officers of the University, and none that satisfy all of the conditions of the “key employee” rule.) This doesn’t mean, however, that there are no women at GU that make over $215k (Quinn’s salary). There are plenty of women at GU who make over $215k (such as tenured professors who have been here for 20+ years and deans and VPs).

    Then, in addition to the officers, the form also lists the 5 highest non-officers/directors/trustees/key employees. This list can include anyone at the University (Dean, Professor, Administrator). Since there are no women on the top five list, that means no woman at GU makes more than $475k (Daly’s salary). That’s a shame, but not outrageous.

  3. I bet Margie Bryant, the most ineffective employee in the history of human labor, makes a small fortune.

  4. Steve’s right. Basically, you’re looking at a possible gap between Daly’s 415k and Quinn’s 214k where non-officer employees could fit in. Old 990s give some idea of who that would be–for example, I’m pretty sure Dean Gallucci from the SFS was in the top 5 in 2006-2007.

  5. What happened to Tony Johnson? I’ve heard he’s the third most compensated employee.

  6. Not according to Georgetown’s most recent tax documents. That might have changed inyears that haven’t been covered by disclosure yet, but I find it unlikely.

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  8. The John Thompson III Foundation works for children and families most challenged by the effects of poverty.” John Thompson III.

    My salary is $2,007,508 but my foundation via: and according to says my revenue to help the poor is $3,341. For 2011 I only helped out the following according to the same data: I gave 7,000 to the Washington Jesuit Academy at 900 Varnum Street NE WDC 20017, I gave 5,000 for the Institute for Advancement of Multi Cultural & Minority Medicine at 1701 Q Street NW WDC 20009, and I gave a whopping 5,000 for Teach for America at 1411 K Street NW WDC 20005.

    My most significant way to describe what I do is this … the foundations [‘] main interest is to help underserved children and families in the district of ( and that’s it). But we kept all the money and didn’t donate a penny to anyone with respect to children and families. I want your money, I want more money, I want to pretend to give money to the poor.

    Mission Statement

    Impact Summary from the Experts
    There are no Expert Reviews for this organization. Learn more about TakeAction@GuideStar.

    Impact Statement from Nonprofit
    This organization has not provided an impact statement.

    Do you know why we have no impact statement? We have no impact and you should by way of Oxford dictionary understand the true meaning of being jesuitical.

    John Thompson III

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