Thunderstorm fells trees, crushes cars in Burleith

This evening saw hurricane-like thunderstorms. In Burleith, the heavy rains and wind felled quite a few large trees, crushing some unfortunately parked cars. At one accident site (near the intersection of 37th and T Streets), the owner of a green SUV was in his car when a tree fell on it, but he was not injured.

Photos by Molly Redden

Update (10:50 p.m.) The following message was just posted on the Burleith listserv:

There are a number of trees down in Burleith.  ANC Commission, Ed Solomon has called them in  and hopefully we will have DC services here this weekend. Fortunately no one was hurt as the trees fell on a few cars.

The downed trees are located as follows:
  • T St btwn 37th and 38th
  • T St btwn 37th and 36th
  • R St btwn 37th and 36th
  • S St btwn 38th and 39th

2 Comments on “Thunderstorm fells trees, crushes cars in Burleith

  1. A fitting conclusion to a craptastic week: the metro accident and the accompanying craziness, Father King’s passing, and we’ll throw in Michael and Farrah as well. All that on top of the events in Iran.

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