Mitch Hurwitz (COL ’85): “Georgetown is not exactly a hotbed of comedy”

Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of the cult classic Arrested Development and a Georgetown grad, was recently interviewed by Mike Sacks for his new book “And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with Top Humor Writers About Their Craft.”

“And Here’s the Kicker” is out in bookstores now, and its website includes some excerpts from each of its subject’s interviews.  In his interview, Hurwitz muses a bit on his time at Georgetown:

Is it true that you were a theology major at Georgetown University when you attended in the early to mid-80s?

Yes, I earned a theology degree as well as an English degree. I put the English degree to better work. I never pursued theology after college, but I did learn quite a few answers to some major questions.

I wish I could share them with you—I just can’t.

Maybe for the next edition.

I know whether God exists or not. That’s all I can say …

Here’s a funny thing about Georgetown: At the end of each year the college would create this mathematical formula to figure out the average salary each major would eventually earn. English majors earned, on average, about $30,000 a year. But majors in the fine arts earned more than $1,000,000 a year. And that was because there were only six of them, and one had been [Knicks basketball-team center] Patrick Ewing. So fine arts seemed really good to me. [Laughs] I thought about it, but, in the end, I never went through with it.

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