The Washington Times talks to Nick Troiano (COL ’11) about the plight of the college student

This weekend the Washington Times ran a lengthy feature about the myriad of problems college students are facing in the rough economy (hey, I wonder why no one else has thought of running that…).

The article is pretty broad, hitting on everything from excessive student loan debt and poor employment prospects to skyrocketing tuition costs and the pressure students feel to avoid low-paying careers in the nonprofit and public service sectors.

What sets the Washington Times‘ woe-is-the-college-student piece apart from the rest, though? The fact that it features none other than Nick Troiano (COL ’11), GUSA rabble-rouser extraordinaire!

Troiano is profiled towards the end of the piece as an example of a current student who’s hoping the economy will recover by the time they graduate and someone who has been driven into volunteering and working for the government due to the weak job market:

“Hopefully, two years from now things will get better,” he said …

“My paying job is part time for the National Park Service [at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Center]. Because of the stimulus they were able to create many jobs,” he said.

“The government’s turning into one of the best employers,” Mr. Troiano said.

“It’s a good opportunity to give back to the country a little while deferring student loans and earning money to pay them off,” he said. “In tough times, we find opportunity.”

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