Georgetown YouTube Madness: GUSA

Like any good summer slacker, Vox spends plenty of time on YouTube. Which led us to wonder: is there a way to find the ultimate Georgetown YouTube video?

With such a lofty goal, we’ve decided to hold the first ever Georgetown YouTube Madness, a tournament that will crown the most delightful Georgetown-related clip on all of YouTube.

Here’s how it’s going to work: We’ve divided the Georgetown YouTube selection into eight categories (GUSA, Basketball, Performances, non-Basketball Sports, Speakers, Activism, Campus Tours and Wildcards). Every week we’ll have a contest with the best five or six videos in a given category and you’ll get to vote for your favorite. You’ll also be able to nominate videos for the next week’s category.

Once we’ve gone through all the categories, we’ll have face-offs between the winners until we get to one final champion. Here’s how the bracket will look:
Georgetown YouTube Madness Bracket

We’ll be kicking the tournament off with the GUSA round. For this category we have six nominees:

Vote in a Box: 2007-08 execs Ben Shaw (COL ’08) and Matt Appenfeller’s (COL ’08) classic GUSA-centric reinterpretation of SNL’s Dick in a Box.

Check out the other five candidates, place your vote and nominate videos for next week’s category, basketball, after the jump!

GUSA Campaign 2008: The Heckler asks 2008 GUSA candidates the tough questions.

GEORGET OWN IT: In this video from the 2008 race, David Dietz (COL ’10) and Tyler Stone (COL ’09) come to the rescue of Patrick, a Hoya who’s tired of being ignored by the administration, giving him the power to “own it” by breaking down a brick wall with a massive fireball.

Turned in My Vote: Current GUSA execs Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger’s (MSB ’11) take on SNL’s Jizz in My Pants.

An Inconvenient Campaign: 2007 Presidential Candidate Luke Hillman (COL ’08) meditates on his failed campaign with a wistful resignation that would make Al Gore proud.

H & M 2008. Done. Sean Hayes (MSB ’10) and Andrew Madorsky (MSB ’10) envision what their first day on the job as GUSA execs will be like.

So which one will it be?

Next week we’ll be doing BASKETBALL. Want to submit a video for consideration? Fill out this form:

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4 Comments on “Georgetown YouTube Madness: GUSA

  1. Are you ready, Tyler?

    Let’s do it, David.


    Georgetown OWN it is clearly the winner here.

  2. Pfft. Can we just crown “Vote in a Box” the ultimate winner now? It’s a masterpiece. They even managed to snag the director of Georgetown Forever!

  3. In years prior to the “Vote in a Box” election, there was no electronic campaigning and strict limits on quarter sheets and flyers. This changed after an election fiasco where Twister Murchison defeated Khalil Hibri who was disqualified for using voting stations. Murchison and his staff, Eden Schiffman and Matt Stoller, rewrote the GUSA bylaws, making electronic campaigning possible. Shaw and Appenfeller created Vote in a Box and was a hit all over campus. Sadly, few current Hoyas were around for this, but not only is Vote in the Box the original, it’s still the most amusing.

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