Remix Your Weekend: Flosstradamus

This week’s song could very well be responsible for the deaths of thousands under the influence of any number of uppers which I am barred from naming. The absolute face-melting pace of the Chicagoan DJ duo Flosstradamus’ remix of Three 6 Mafia and Lil’ John’s Act A Fool is almost too much for me to handle sitting down.

After the quintessential robotic “Flossstradamus” start , the initial heavy drums sneak up on the unsuspecting listener, and before you know it the Floss duo throws down the stadium remix of Kernkraft 400 (a song that most reminds me of hockey games at my local San Jose Sharks’ HP Pavilion.) The mix continues unerringly throughout the whole track, keeping it hot and naturally matching the crunk rap of Act A Fool with Kernkraft’s intensity.

I have never been fully comfortable calling this a “remix”—for all intents and purposes it is a mashup between the remix of Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400 and Act A Fool.  However, whether this song is labeled a remix or a mash-up, it will no doubt, 100% make grown men cry, women swoon, and ravers of all nations get DIRT nasty. So as always download this booty-shaker, and pump up the volume until your neighbors try to call Metro

Flosstradamus – Act A Fool (Ravestradamus)

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