Pro-lifers angry over Georgetown Law students’ pro-choice internships

Georgetown + Planned Parenthood = Angry CatholicsYour basic equation for a Georgetown controversy

Jill Stanek, a prominent pro-life activist and blogger, recently learned about Georgetown’s Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program, and she’s not pleased.  The program’s summer newsletter highlighted the internship experiences members have had, including a couple students who worked at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Catholics for Choice.

Conservative Catholics usually react so enthusiastically whenever the phrases “Georgetown Law student” and “Planned Parenthood internship” are put together, so Stanek’s response should come as no surprise:

I don’t understand how open flouting of Catholic teaching is tolerated at an institution centered on Catholic teaching. More than that, this group is working to undermine Catholic teaching. It seems to me the Church has lost total control of the American Catholic educational system.

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  1. “the Church has lost total control of the American Catholic educational system.”

    and yet Georgetown is still one of the best universities in the nation….

  2. Or maybe Stanek finds it horrendous that, despite all of the women’s rights violations that occur throughout the world, a University that holds itself out to be Catholic chooses to award Women’s Law fellowships to students who work at an organization that directly contradicts Catholic teaching and does nothing whatever to further the rights of women.

  3. The right to control one’s fertility is one of the chief rights of a truly free woman and has played a critical role in closing the historic gap between the sexes. Which is, of course, why the Vatican finds it so dangerous.

  4. I have never heard of my “chief right” to control my fertility as a “truly free woman.” Can that be found in the “penumbra” of my right to privacy? That sounds nice, if only innocent human life wasn’t destroyed as a consequence. Perhaps THAT is why the Vatican finds it so dangerous.

  5. In a truly free society, there would be absolute respect for the most basic, fundamental right, the prerequisite to the exercise of all other rights, the “chief right,” if you will: the right to life. A truly free woman wouldn’t feel forced by an unjust society to choose between the life of her child and her own economic, educational and professional well-being. Only when women stand up and refuse to make such a choice will we even get close to being truly free.

    And, as an aside, at a Catholic institution such as Georgetown, the students, alumni and faculty should know that true freedom comes only through Christ via the Church that He founded.

  6. Please tell me about all the innocent human lives destroyed by condoms (as opposed to, say, the real lives destroyed by AIDS - Doesn’t sound very pro-life to me.

    As for the penumbra of a right to privacy, control over one’s body goes far beyond mere constitutional or legal rumination; it is the very underpinning of the law in a modern liberal society, in modern ethics, etc. The rule of law inevitably degrades when groups (blacks, say, or women) are denied the right to full autonomy over their own bodies.

  7. Whereas denying the right to exist to one million people every year based upon their group status as helpless infants is the very epitome of the rule of law. Thanks for enlightening me.

  8. Time and time again, I’m shocked by how anti-Catholic georgetown has become. It’s also embarrassing to see my alma mater stray so far from its founding principles.

  9. Abortion is murder – this is a fact! If you are ok with abortion then you are ok with murder. Try getting into heaven while explaining to our Lord that killing innocent children really isn’t that big of a deal. Rev 3:16-17 “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot. I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 But because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.”

  10. Georgetown University is a shameful embarrasment. We should all perform acts of reparations for the sins of Georgetown University which offends the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  11. God forbid that a university, its faculty and its students remain open to debate, rather than find themselves bound by doctrines and teachings that are not necessarily translatable to modern circumstances. God forbid ideas change, and we learn and grow.

    Regardless of one’s views, condemning GU or anyone associated with it for the fact that it promotes education and does not conform to Catholic doctrine — which the majority of its students do not adhere to, I believe – is just as narrowminded a position as one that views abortion as fundamentally right or wrong, without room for dialogue and debate in between.

    After the shameful demonstrations by the pro-life groups when Obama spoke on campus in the spring, I find it hard to support any of the hard line positions either side takes, because progress does not lie with either side. Good on my university for funding such internships, even if the Jesuits do not agree with the position. I’d bet that most students here now would not attend this university if it required us to conform to Catholic doctrine and embrace it in our schooling, instead of mainly promoting the IDEALS. Two very different things.

    Proceed with the flaming.

  12. Again?,

    a Catholic university must conform to Catholic doctrine, otherwise it isn’t a ‘Catholic’ university. If that is a problem, you should never go to a Catholic university to begin with. All Catholics know that the Catholic Faith never contradicts Reason- True Faith and Reason are always in harmony. Because of this, there is no justifiable reason for Georgetown not to “conform to Catholic doctrine”.
    Your posting is pretty sophomoric, full of cliches, and lacks sound logic. If I hear the word ‘dialogue’ again, I think I’m going to puke…

  13. @DM Reed, Sarah, assorted Catholic losers: God doesn’t exist, and your deluded belief in fairy tales does not grant you license to force other women to remain pregnant against their will.

  14. I find my logic quite sound, I’m not a sophomore, cliches all have a reason to exist.

    Thanks for playing. Now please, take your close-minded indoctrination spiel elsewhere, I’m pretty sure the many Catholics on GU’s campus don’t want you speaking on their behalf.

  15. Wow, these are all clear indications of the “quality”, or lack there of, education you are recieving, or have received at Georgetown.
    From the response stating “Catholic losers” to the other response that clearly doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘sophomoric’… how pathetic.

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