The Princeton Review likes us well enough (but not as much as GWU or AU)

Princeton Review 2009The Princeton Review just released its annual rankings, and Georgetown got some
real nice accolades (registration required):

As strong as our showing is, it’s hard not to get a little crosstown envy. George Washington University was ranked first for most politically active students, second for best college town, and eighth for best dorms; American University was crowned second for most politically active students, seventh for best college town and 19th for best career services.

As far as D.C. schools go, it feels an awful lot like we’re playing third-fiddle in the Princeton Review’s eyes…

8 Comments on “The Princeton Review likes us well enough (but not as much as GWU or AU)

  1. Do the rankings come from student surveys? I feel that is the only way they can legitimately rate things like that, which makes them ridiculously subjective.

  2. Interesting. I can’t say I disagree with the politically active ranking. Both GW and AU’s student bodies seem to be almost crazy (liberal) when it comes to politics. There are a lot of fairly apathetic hoyas out there when it comes to politics. Also, from the little I’ve seen, GW has us beat on dorms as well. College town is the only place with which I’d take issue. Because come on, the three schools are no more than two miles apart, they’re splitting hairs.

  3. I don’t much see how our “college town” is different from theirs…

    I do know though that these are based on student surveys, I think I actually got one of them my junior year and filled it out. I was absurdly positive just because I wanted to try to boost the rankings, even though they’re pretty worthless.

    They’re also constantly shifting. When I applied to Georgetown, we were ranked #3 for college town I think.

    It’d be interesting to get another post or an update about their methodology, Vox?

  4. The college town category doesn’t make sense to me either, but politics does. This could be misinterpreted as Georgetown snobbery, and is obviously a generalization, but why else would you attend GW or America if not for their social science / politics programs? The two schools are relatively week outside of those areas, especially given their high cost. And while Georgetown is also a top school for government and international affairs, it’s very strong elsewhere and draws plenty of students who’d rather be in a lab or library than on The Hill.

  5. That’s a goood point Alum.

    And hey, so we spend a day on the lower half of the totem pole.Consider this our one day to “see how the other half lives” ;) It’s not like this isreally going to reverse the standings overnight.

  6. Re: “Best College Town” rankings – because Georgetown, GWU, and AU are all in DC, Princeton Review has to be making their 2nd, 7th, and 8th rankings based on the specific neighborhood within DC. And no way in hell is Tenleytown a better place to be than Georgetown. AU’s main campus is surrounded by a bunch of nothing.

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