Georgetown YouTube Madness: Performances

Georgetown YouTube Madness

In last week’s bracket, basketball, there was some stiff competition, but the video WUSA took of the revelry after 2006’s victory over UNC won with 41 percent of the vote.

This week we’ll be judging performances by Georgetown student groups.

The Georgetown Chimes — Georgetown Girl — DCAF: The Chimes sing their Hilltop-centric version of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.” Enjoy their vocal stylings and lines like “Georgetown Girl, you know she’s living in her New South world.”

After the jump: the other five contenders, plus your chance to vote and nominate videos for next week’s category, sports other than basketball.

Club Filipino — Georgetown University Rangila 2006: Club Filipino performs a hip-hop routine at the 2006 edition of the South Asian Society’s annual show.

Georgetown Cheerleading — Midnight Madness 2005: Not everyone at the Voice is a fan of our cheerleaders, but I think they do some pretty good work. Check out this video of their routine from 2005’s Midnight Madness. The action starts at the 47 second mark.

D.O.P.S.: Rebels Without Applause, a now-defunct Georgetown improv troupe, turns the Beatles’ “Help” into an ode to our campus police force. Singing starts about 40 seconds into the video.

Asiafest 2006 DVD Trailer: Scenes from Asiafest 2006, including hula dancing, hip-hop, ribbon-dancing, a fashion show and more.

Groove Theory at Relay for Life: Groove Theory busts a move at this year’s Relay for Life.

Next week we’ll be doing non-basketball sports. If there’s a video you’d like to nominate, fill out the form below:

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