Kenner League: A sneak peak at Hollis Thompson, Jason Clark thrills

The Kenner Summer League started this week, giving me my first look at incoming freshman Hollis Thompson in action.  There’s no reason not to be optimistic in the summer, so I will be—when I stopped by the Kenner League this Sunday, he was fine.  Almost good even, with a scoreline of six points, six rebounds and a block.

The 6’ 6”, 180-lb. forward from Los Angeles got lost at times under the basket defensively, allowing his man a few easy put-backs and he was also beaten badly at least twice on pick and rolls.  These missteps aside, he was solid defensively and very good in the open court—all in all not a bad day, even if his team, We Are One, lost a hard-fought game to Beyond Belief.

If Thompson’s play was optimistic, sophomore guard Jason Clark’s in the following game was just plain exciting.  Clark, who led a Georgetown-heavy Clyde’s team that included former Hoyas Jeff Green, Jonathan Wallace and Tyler Crawford as well as current sophomore center Henry Simms, scored a game-high 26 points (21 in the first half) to lead the team to victory over the Bearcats.

Clark was faster, better and played with way more energy than anyone on the court all day.  His 26 points came from everywhere—3/3 from behind the line, running by people in transition, slashing to the hoop and hitting from the foul line.  Clark was also at his best running the floor with classmate Henry Simms, who was also impressive with 14 points and five rebounds.

Green was running at about 60 percent all day, scoring an easy nine points to go with a handful of rebounds.  The Oklahoma City Thunder forward was very clearly a man among boys, and reminded his mostly college-level opponents of that with a gym-rocking block off the backboard.

Disorganization is usually the order of the day at the Kenner League, and this year is no different.  The league started a little late this year because of some NCAA paperwork filing, and it doesn’t seem like the schedule is completely set.  The one I found on HoyaTalk turned out to be inaccurate, at least for Sunday, but the one on the Athletics Department’s website [PDF] seemed to be correct.

4 Comments on “Kenner League: A sneak peak at Hollis Thompson, Jason Clark thrills

  1. hoyatalk is garbage and does not promote georgetown in a positive light. Go to or for accurate, pro-georgetown information.

  2. Sounds like balla woke up on the wrong side of the brackets!

  3. Ahhh…finally…good to see the young francavilla back in fine form at his sideline duties..

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