Georgetown YouTube Madness: Emergency revote!

Georgetown YouTube Madness

It seems that something has gone awry with the voting on yesterday’s Georgetown YouTube Madness (there are suddenly about twice as many votes as there are pageviews for that post). So, in the interest of democratic fairness, we’re going to have a re-vote.

To refresh your memory, this week’s candidates are:

Please only vote once!

9 Comments on “Georgetown YouTube Madness: Emergency revote!

  1. Turns out it’s not so easy, huh Vox? If you can’t even run an online poll, how can you run a major, important campus news organization! (That is a tongue-in-cheek parody of the “If you can’t even run an election, how can you run a student government” line.)

    Technology fails, numbers don’t add up… your solution, scrap the first vote and do another? Very, very much like a GUSA election, R.

    Aaaand Vox loses the right to make fun of GUSA election failings. Yum yum, I love me that humble pie.

    That’s just too funny.

  2. So the best performance of anything I ever saw at Georgetown was right before the Gaston screening of the Exorcist a couple years back (may be before the time of the current Vox editorship). They were playing the 13-minute Thriller video and then halfway through it cut off and everything went dark. You can’t see anything, but you get the sense that dozens of people are moving all around you, falling out of their seats, crawling.

    All these zombies (everybody’s in costumes of course, so it wasn’t noticeable that there were so many zombies at first), dozens of them, are crawling all around out of every part of Gaston towards the stage. Finally the lights turn back on, all the Zombies jump up, and they finish performing the entire rest of the Thriller video live, perfectly choreographed with a Michael Jackson lookalike (in the red MJ costume!) and everything. Didn’t see it coming.

    Absolutely the most wonderful performance I’ve seen at Georgetown. Too bad it didn’t make this list, I wonder if there’s video of it anywhere. Whoever was responsible for that seriously needs to make the video public, it was an extremely memorable night.

  3. That happens every year, and is performed by Groove Theory.

  4. Oh, I think my last year there must have been the first time it ever happened then, because I went all four years and it only happened once.

  5. Still by far the best performance I ever saw of anything while at Georgetown.

  6. at least you’ve realized that a Vox poll is equally, if not more important than a GUSA election.

  7. It’s less important, but also much less complex.

    You’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty funny.

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