Summer Restaurant Week 2009: The perfect move-in pick-me-up

Because gourmet cuisine is the perfect antidote to unpacking

Twice a year, D.C.’s fine dining establishments take a week to collectively pander to the middle-class masses. During Washington’s semiannual Restaurant Week, you’ll be able to enjoy a meal at that swanky place that you’ve never had enough money in your bank account to patronize.

This summer’s Restaurant Week will be taking place from August 24th to 30th—right around the time Georgetown students will be returning to campus. That makes it the perfect chance to score a high-class goodbye dinner from your parents if they’re dropping you off, or a a great opportunity for a refined reunion with friends you haven’t seen all summer.

Meals during Restaurant Week are three-course, fixed-price affairs. Lunch will run you $20.09 and dinner will be $35.09.

Although Restaurant Week won’t be starting for a while, tables tend to fill up fast, so it’s a good idea to make reservations pretty far in advance. Of the 180 restaurants participating, 14 of them are in Georgetown.

After the jump, we’ve got a map of where to go for gourmet deals near campus!

View Summer Restaurant Week 2009: Georgetown in a larger map

Blue markers show restaurants offering lunch and dinner deals; red markers are restaurants serving only dinner.

For a full list of establishments participating and the chance to make reservations online, visit Restaurant Week’s website.

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